• Masturbation, sex, hobs, work, friends and washing the car... Do whatever you can do to get your mind off it...
  • try and set your sights on someone new avoid seeing him as much as possible and get rid of anything that has memories of him over means over so you right now are your own worst enemy honey
  • awww this is the worst feeling ever. i know because ive only just got over a guy that i broke up with in october. i startedsocialisng with new people and it finally made me realize that every 60 seconds that i wasted thinking about him was a minute of happiness that id never get back. believe me get out there and meet new people or even meet soemone online. either way your bound to get over him eventually. xx best wishes xx
  • Aw I know how you feel. My ex broke up with me back in July also. For another girl. And to make things worst it was a few days before my birthday. I didn't go to work for a week and a half. Didn't wear any make up, barley went into public, stayed in my room for hours crying like a baby and wanting to commit suicide. I then just started hanging down at the park. Soon I met new people and met Michael (my fiance now). I went to the mall, got my nails done and got a almost complete make over. I kept saying to myself that I deserve much better than him and his new girl freind is a skank. I also kept saying to myself that he was probably regreting it so bad that it was secretly killing him on the inside and that he couldn't stand not having me around. It worked for me... Maybe and hopefully it'll work for you. :)
  • Hang out with friends, start new hobbies go to the gym, volunteer at places & forgive yourself for feeling the way you do. Guilt can eat at you & drive you crazy wishing you had done something differently but for what ever reason it didn't work out you will see soon it was probably for the best. As the old saying goes, one door shuts & another door opens hang in there hon & go out & have some fun. MAKE YOURSELF GO....Good luck
  • 1. Stop focusing so much on getting your mind off of it... That's actually why you keep thinking so hard about it. 2. Go for a girls' night out to a club, the movies, dinner... anything! Even walking the mall and browsing the stores with your pals will help you feel better! 3. While you're out and about, make sure you wear some of your favorite clothes, give yourself a confidence boost with an extra spritz of your favorite perfume, and act a little flirty... Smile shyly at the waiter at dinner, or just give a cute guy at the mall a big grin... 4. Start talking to a couple of cute guys at school, work, or your favorite places top hang out... Get involved in a conversation, and find someone you have a strong connection with. Don't assume that right away its going to turn into true love, just find people to talk to... Eventually, you'll see that you're better off without him! Now, go on! Go start living and Good Luck!!!
  • Get yourself someone else, have some good, heated sex with him and move on with your life
  • There is nothing you can has to fizzle its way out of your system...just go out and try not to think about..have yourself a hot bath and plan a trip..go to church and just go on with it...
  • keep asking yourself is he pinning for u ..we always think of the good times and never rember the bad times its happened to me many times and all i can say is that trust me it will get better but often has to get worse ist please have a break the worst thing you can do is meet someone on the rebound as it would not be fair on them .good luck
  • Ah I was in your position not long ago, it's hard I know. My ex broke up with me and within the week had found someone else, now I see them together around college sometimes. You can't help but think of him so I can't say what you should do to stop it. However when you do find your mind wonders think about all the things that you hate about him and you'll soon be glad shes got him. Like my ex is a complete narcissistic prat and I kept that in my mind the whole time and it worked :)

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