• Oh yes! I remember a lot of things from what he wore, what I wore, how he responded to certain questions, what other people around us said, his reactions, almost EVERYTHING. LOL and he hates it that I remember, sometimes because he doesn't remember the details.
  • Yes, He asked me what kind of Beer I wanted. Serious stuff came later.
  • It was about music over msn, then he asked me shortly afterwards 'So do u wanna make this official?' and I was like 'yes yes yes yes yes yes!' XD
  • Yea... I asked her what she did with her spurs...
  • Oh yea I remember. I borrowed a cigarrette from him. a mutual friend had introduced us a while ago. Rest is history...LOL! :)
  • Yep,we were talking about our exams since we are in the same university(but not the same faculty).
  • Sure do. I had just got out of the Army and I was running around with a friend (now brother in law) that took me to his sisters house (my s/o) to see if she had any girl friends that would like to go out and party with us. Well, she was the one that went out with us and the rest is history.
  • Yeah, I said she gave me goosebumps as big as hogwarts and commented on her hairy toes
  • Our first conversation was about hentai.
  • Yes I do...we talked about everything! :D
  • well i just met a guy this weekend past and we talked about music and well we are talking about everything now and i will see how it goes.
  • Which conversation? We talked constantly for the better part of a year before we realized that we were best friends.
  • We talked about everything and anything. We talked for hours and we can still do that. There are still things we don't know about each other or things we've forgotten, and we've been talking for nearly 40 years LOL!!!
  • Yes, I still have it saved on Myspace, where I met him, three years ago.
  • The LAST conversation we had before we decided to start seeing each other? Me: That's crazy!! I wouldn't feel good about it. G: I think we would be good together. We could have a lot of fun. Me: G, nothing good can come of this... G: You know that's not true, C. I don't believe that for a minute. That's pretty much it...
  • sure I told her i had no intention of staying in houston and was moving back to the river she agreed then she saw it and changed her mind so I left
  • Something you want just be friends or do you want to go for the $20,000. question....I said I would rather just be friends... We've been married for over 20 yrs now.
  • We talked about everything. He was my hairstylist...he inherited me from the gal who used to do my hair because she moved away. Jim and I hit it off right away and became friends. He didn't ask me out until about a year and half after we met. I can't remember a specific topic because we had so many similar interests we never had a problem finding things to talk about! :)
  • She became a member of my Children Activities planning group in Parents Without Partners. I don't remember any exact conversations (32 years ago) but planning recreational and learning activities for children was the topic of conversations within that group. Of course, we also socialized.
  • Yup: "Hi, my name is ______". We were in 8th grade and it was love at first sight. So that's about all the conversation we got before it set in. :-)
  • We were talking about her CTS.
  • WOW , no .. That was six years ago !!!
  • Yes. We started out with jobs, and kids, and what we wanted for the future. Right before he asked to go on a first date it was about an 80's television show. He realized that I was just as grounded but goofy as he was.
  • We had no converstation. Our eyes met and that was it, 43 years ago.
  • Golf at a driving range. I gave her my balls. Seriously, I gave her some from my bucket.
  • actually we had both just got out of very bad relationships and it was him trying to convince me he was one of the good guys and me telling him how the last thing i needed was to date anyone and i needed a bf like i needed a hole in the head....he was persistant and i agreed to date him 2 months later and we are 2 years strong without our first arguement :)
  • Yes I do. My friends and I were on a flight with Singapore airlines from London to Australia and my now s/o was a member of the cabin crew. We were in buisness class and she came to me and said that she had upgraded us all to first class as it was empty. during the flight we mostly spoke about her job and places to visit on our stop over in Singapore.

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