• Clarify that a little better i dont undertsand. Did you mean why do people play mind games...? I play a lot of mind games on people, mostly to figure stuff out they wouldnt really tell you. I guess for a "gain".
  • You have to make the decision that you will no longer let them work on you; however even when you make that choice, they can still have an impact on you.
  • some do it to feel alive and powerful mostly people that are weak and a way of stoping it is very difficult.
  • Some people get off on manipulating and confusing people in ways that have them questioning themselves and reality. They are WARPED people who want others to feel how they feel. Disconnected and fraudulent. You block it by learning to spot a manipulator and how to sift through their bullshit or walking away from them.
  • cause theyre being mean, not sure how to block it on here
  • If you cannot handle - don't engage with such people. It's the best way if you do not know the way to deal with such people. Observe them, however and you'll soon realize the patterns they utilise and with it, you'll find their weakness.

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