• Not really because its used by doctors and dentists when performing surgery. It's also a food additive, mostly in bags of chips to induce staleing from oxygen. It also makes cars go fast baby!
  • I am not sure how dangerous it is,but it sure is fun!(I think it kills brain cells)
  • If not used correctly, yes! Used by doctors, it's mixed with oxygen to make it safe. Without oxygen and when inhaling multiple times or holding it in, it's called huffing it can have dire consequences. Without oxygen, death can occur in seconds. Excluding injuries that occur while 'high', the dangers include: addiction leading to increased tolerance bone marrow suppression blood cell problems poisoning of the central nervous system death by asphyxiation
  • If Mixed correctly with oxygen, exposure over an extended period of time is relatively safe. If no oxygen is present you will soffocate. As far as recreational use: Most times its taken pure. A user may take a lung full of nitrous via a baloon or canister and hold it in as long as they can. When your body abolutely needs oxygen you will involontarily exhale and begin breathing. The one danger when used in this manner is that nitrous targets all nervs and cells. several random cells may die when used in this manner and is known to be one of many culprits of Perheprial Neuropathy. If you have questions on how to safely take nitrous, let me know or check out They have exdended information on nitrous' effects and usage.
  • if your taking it strait to get high, mix in some oxygen to prevent any danger of suffocation.

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