• Talk with your employer, or the person responsible for your being there. They can better address the issues, and certainly give a much better answer. Who knows, they may already have a great template for a card already. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to? Take what they have and use it as a model, a template. Logos, company name, address, phone, email, fax are all important pieces of information. LOOK at how these things are arrainged and positioned on the card. Then go to and check out specials and deals, especially for newcomers. You can play around with ideas and designs, and incorporate the important elements from cards your company already has in use.
  • Those are good terms, here are some basics on what a card should contain; Your name and title Your email address Your phone number Real Estate, Brokerage, Financing, and Investments. Are all acceptable terms. Checkout the link below its a sight that offers business card templates that you can order online they also do custom orders and have a great customer service line.
  • Simply include: # The company name # Your name # Your telephone number # Your email address Click here for more ideas:

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