• nope! nope! nope! and NOpe!
  • Why? Are you being emancipated from slavery? You're too young for that. Go to school.
  • You are still the responsibility of your parents untill 18. If you can't support yourself then what the heck are you thinking? I have an empty box from my fridge if you need a place to stay. If you want to avoid court involvement, then your parents can't possibly be abusive. Stay at home, get a freakin education, or you will ruin your life. I moved out when I was 17. I hate myself for it every single day.
  • I know you are anxious to grow up and move out and get on with your life but don't do it. I did it when I was 16. Got my GED, Vocational training some college and 3 kids 4 marriages and am now struggling to raise my last child and still having trouble finding decent work. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Enjoy being a teen and living at home even with the rules, they are for a purpose and you will be happier in the future. I PROMISE!!
  • I left home at 16 with my parents ok and I am sorry I did. Stay at home get ur education, one more year isn't gonna hurt anything. Be greatful you have parents to provide for you some kids don't.
  • I'm in the exact same situation you are bro, i'm pretty positive you have to go through the court. But if you really really think you can't stand it then you should keep trying. Sure most of these ppl are saying don't do it and that they've been through it, but considering the fact that they're saying get your education, they must be pretty stupid. I want to get emancipated but i plan on continuing school and attending college, i probably wouldn't consider emancipation if i wan't.
    • Mrs. C
      Life is hard enough when you wait until what you want to do makes sense! Too bad you're going to have to learn the hard way.
  • Being "emancipated" means you can take care of yourself! Doesn't look like you fit that description yet. Get an education and a job first. Be glad you can live with your parents until you're able to support yourself!
  • you might need your parents permission to do that

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