• YES, it does!!!!!! Why in the hell aren't we taken care of our own?
  • Yeah but do you realize that most of those commercials you see are really a big time scam? Those poor people only get pennies of what you donate and the fat cats along the way keep the rest of the mulah
  • Yes it does especially the one about feeding and mediacal care. There are lots of kids in the US that are living on the streets that could use the help.
  • It doesn't bother me, it makes me sad, but I do wonder why there are never commercials of the same type with Americans in them. Some of our homeless and starving could be veterans also.
  • Same position? Your neighbour searches through the landfill, trying to find scraps of edible refuse? Goes for weeks on end with nothing but feces-infested water? Has numerous viral diseases that could be easily cured with a few hospital visits? Not the same position. The poorest of the poor in North America are typically MUCH better off than those in South American and African slums.
  • What bothers me is that people seem so concerned about helping those in foreign countries..they will $1000 month to help them (when those kids only get about $200 of that) when they could take that $1000 and feed 5 American families for a month. We see homeless people and say "they are not my concern when several of them are vets that risked their lives for our freedom but they are not important.. Senior citizens who worked for 50+ years and now have to decide whether to buy medicine/see a MD or buy food/pay rent. Americans who work 40-60 hours a week for nothing and have no health care, have not one dime to save for emergencies , etc cause they spend EVERY DIME just to pay rent and buy food...I am not saying those other countries are not important. I am saying we have sent jobs to them, food to them, etc and we have people in the US homeless, starving and dieing of no healthcare while people say "I don't want my taxes helping those people" but they will spend all that money for other countries and 80% of it never gets to the intended cause.
  • I have to say that yes it does. I would love to help everyone.....but...not possible. We need to help our homeland and if that can be taken care of then help others. Look at the Hurricane folks....they are out of house and home for lonnnnggggg periods of time and we aren't even caring for them properly.
  • i would have to say no cause in 3rd world countries they dont have the options and opportunities like we do here in America, now i understand and completley change my answers for those who cant help it, but all the bums that starve that brought it on themselves due to drugs or violence or something's not very hard to go to mcdonalds or any fast food chain and get a job and start fresh for yourself instead of standing on the corner and begging for money just to go and get their "fix" whatever that might be... sorry if i seem like a heartless bitch but i cant stand people who wont help themselves!
  • i say, take care of your own country first then help others they thnk u can help them bt they dnt knw u hav tha same problem in some ways
  • No, we need to help the other countries. America is not half as bad as they are right now. Yeah, some people don't have jobs, & America's not in it's best shape right now, but it's temporary. Over in Africa I can't even name how many children, teenagers, parents, & elders are dying a day by the cause of HIV AIDS. They don't have stores over here like we do, they don't have much of anything, they don't have the doctors like we do. It's much much different. Take one trip over there. I did. It changes your whole perspective like you wouldn't even believe.
  • Not really, people need to be aware of what goes on elsewhere. We do need to help our own, and while I agree that this doesn't happen all the time-it still happens a whole lot more than in other places. Granted nobody should be forced to help anyone aside from themselves, but it's always good to have the knowledge that perhaps I don't like drinking nothing but Coke for a whole weekend, but that I can always subsidize it with free, unlimited water that won't give me Polio and make my digits fall off in the long run. Do they even got Coke over there? Also I actually found the two dollars necessary to purchase the Coke bottle, I think I found at least seven years worth of salary to what someone in Bosnia would find in the city dump. And they search in there day after day, my 12 minute search was ended in my closet, in an old coat I don't wear anymore-that could probably serve as adequate clothing to someone overseas. Oh wait no, it's too hot over there, they don't need clothes amirite? Granted though, I could give that coat away to someone HERE, and I might just do that, I have done so before. Don't get me wrong though, I really don't advocate the injustices of our own societies by leaving people to freeze out in the Winter or failing to give adequate care to children who have been beaten and raped, but you have to agree, no matter how crooked it might be, we still have a justice system that more often than not takes care of pedophiles, and we have shelter and charity for the homeless. That money decides justice I find wrong, but it still keeps a comfortable order, one that won't get me arrested for typing this. At least over in the USA and Canada, the soldiers don't run around terrorizing, torturing and killing the citizens they are meant to protect. At least, if I wanted to I could go to; a Christian church, a Jewish synagogue or a mosque, and not worry about getting my head chopped off based on who I think Jesus is, was, or whatever. But I'm an atheist, a safe and free one, at that. One that would be stoned with cinder blocks in public downtown Baghdad or whatever and the police allow this, for not believing in anything. All I come across here is Bible thumpers with squeaky voices or annoying people online. I'm not saying we shouldn't look at ourselves, I'm the first to bitch about how much our society sucks; but that I can bitch about it shows that I'm comfortable and free enough. We still need to improve a whole lot, but we shouldn't dismiss everyone else. I still don't think much of those charity organizations do much though, but I'll keep my opinions about that to myself, at least it makes people aware, and that's already a good step, whether for realizing our own fortunate situation, or as incentive to try and do something.
  • While I agree that charity begins at home. The poor in this country are NOT in the same position as those in 3rd world countries.
  • I'm not advocating for those organizations that run the commercials.... however, you must be educated enough to know that people in our own back yard are not in the SAME position as those in 3rd world countries. Please, I beg.... Go to Kalkutta, India... Visit Lagos, Nigeria... Take a trip to Samalia.... a 3rd world country of your choice, and you will have a better understanding of poverty and hardship. Make some contacts with people while you are there, and decide to sponsor somebody, somehow.... even if it is just to help pay for a child's education so that one child can have a chance to rise out of the slum he was born into.
  • The people on the tv are way worse off. Our government and local communities are better then were giving them credit for. We have food and coat drives, homless shelters, government programs like welfare, food stamps, ect and we also have careing people that give money to good causes. 3d world countries are nothing like that. everyone is poor and everyone suffers with no help from the community or government.

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