• Jessica Rabbit doesn't go on the rag.
  • Angelina Jolie. Here someone who tried to better Jessica Rabbit by making her look more like Angelina Jolie: "Pixeloo is an artist who created these magnificent real-life photos of Homer Simpson, Super Mario and Jessica Rabbit. For his profession, he works daily with Photoshop. Cartoon characters are his favorite inspiration, so he decided to transform them a little, giving them realistic real-life form. In his mutant creations, Pixeloo used face parts of some well known actors, and implemented them magnificently. For example Homer's bald head is mostly constructed out of John Locke's ("Lost") famous "helmet". Jessica Rabbit is another well known character that starred in Roger Rabbit, and her face was mostly fused with a photo of Angelina Jolie. See which other celebrity parts you can recognize!" Source and further information: Further information: "Untooning Jessica Rabbit"

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