• Santa and Berry White, he looks like santa and sings like Berry White
  • Big Patty...She wan't fat either. It was because we had a little elderly friend named Patty so we called her little Patty and so we just automatically named the other Big Patty....
  • I hate'em so much I cant even come up with a bad name that would describe him
  • My Boss Bill makes us all wonder how he got the coveted position. I coined the name "Bildo" since he is such a phony prick.
  • I actually had 2 bosses that I gave the same nickname to: Manager of Charts & Graphs. Because that is about all they did all day -- played with excel and made all sorts of charts and graphs and totally ignored the chaos around them. I think they got their positions by their uncanny ability to manipulate the data in excel so their department looked REALLY good ( and then made a chart to demonstrate, of course). What they didn't realize is "Manipulating the data will not manipulate the facts to agree with said data". They both lost their jobs when their bosses found out the above noted axiom. LOL LOL
  • I haven't thought about giving myself a nickname...
  • one of my previous co-workers and i would say "ding dong" when our manager would in "ding dong - the bitch is gone"...
  • D*ckhead...what do you think
  • Haha no I like my boss and we get along well.

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