• No not at all. If my buddy needed cash I can spare a few.
  • It doesn't annoy me when my friends ask me for money. They're my friends - if I can't give them a few dollars here and there then I'm a pretty lousy person, I'd say. As for strangers, it depends on the circumstances. If they need money to use a pay phone or to buy themselves some food, I will oblige. When I used to smoke, the number one thing that irked me beyond belief was strangers asking me for cigarettes. If they wanted to use my lighter, fine, but as soon as they asked for a cigarette I felt like punching them.
  • It takes courage to ask, if the need it and i have it, it's theirs.
  • No, it annoys me when I can't help them out.
  • not really. i enjoy helping ppl out when they need it. it annoys me when they keep asking after you say no.
  • Not at all. I'm more annoyed by people selling things. I will help a friend whenever I'm able, monetarily or otherwise. As for strangers, it depends on their circumstances and mine. I do what I can and decline when necessary.
  • yes, but even worse, are the people who CAN afford it, and have more than me, and when i ask them, they claim "they're broke." Wait... didn't I just give you money earlier?
  • Healthy beggars!
  • it depends... strangers, rarely... friends, if its 1 or 2 bucks i don't mind, but anything higher they gotta pay me back! :D
  • It doesn't annoy me. There have been times when I was caught short of cash and needed some help from a friend. Usually friends pay me back too. When strangers ask, it had better just be a few bucks, because I wouldn't know if I was getting my money back.
  • No, they wouldn't ask unless they were badly stuck and if I'm in a position to help I will gladly do so : )
  • Friends, no, as the rarely do, only when they are really in need so I am glad to help if I can. Strangers don't often ask either, and if they do I will pay for a meal for them, but I will not give them money. I don't mind telling them so.
  • Yeah I dont give beggars anything
  • Friends don't bother me so much as strangers. If I don't know you, I am not going to give you any money. If you want money, go and get a job. Go do some kind of service like mow lawns if nothing else.

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