• ... a bit, yes, but not too much ... I was 13 and earned a flat $125.00 per month for a part time job at a church ... I did some janitorial and grounds keeping work ... sweep, mop, take out garbage, as well as plant flowers (spring), cut grass and trim trees/shrubs (summer), rake leaves (autumn), and shovel snow (winter). I worked alone and unsupervised, was my own boss, and was fully trusted with all the keys to the church.
  • Not really, but it was better than doing nothing and not getting paid.
  • Yeah, delivering newspapers on my bicycle after school. It was fun. I wish I could have a job that fun now.
  • Yes, it wasn't bad and I got to have fun ticking off the :)
  • Noooo! I hated my first job. I had to teach languages to a group of unruly, dumb, undiscipline 7th graders who were one step below on the evolutionary scale & couldn't even communicate with fired on my firt semester there...he he
  • My first job was working on the farm with my dad, at the time, i didn't enjoy it, but now, looking back, i really miss it.
  • Yes i loved my first job started it when i left school and was there 7 years up until i left to have my son, i looked after racing Greyhounds...great job:)
  • I hated the job, but hanging out with all the people who worked there was a lot of fun. Good ole quiznos
  • I think the job isn't what makes the job... what makes the job is the people that you work with, and the money... you can work at mc donald's, which sucks, but you like the people that you work with and are making enough to 'make it' then that's all that matters.

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