• Both natural.
  • Nope notta thing! all 4 times
  • My wife walked into the hospital with the sole intention of having a totally natural birth. She had no pain medication, no epidural, not even an IV in place just in case. She did tear a bit so they gave her something to numb her up for the stitches afterwards and some percocets for the soarness but for the birth nothing.
  • When me and my wife give birth, we have drugs all the time. Her to forget about the pain and me to forget about her
  • my wife and i had a short labor (2.5 hours). she nearly broke my hand. she didn't take any drugs. i wondered if drugs might've helped me, but, i just said no.
  • All natural. Shes a trooper.
  • I had 2 c-sections and had epidurals with both, but only after the c-section decision was made, both labours were 36+ hours medication free.
  • Well after 25 hours of painful labor I had an epidural, it only helped for about 30 minutes but that 30 minutes allowed for me to rest some so I could finally give birth! Thats all the drugs I had no other pain killers and only motrin afterwards.
  • I went natural with my 1st because I went to quickly. I never wanted to do that again. My second I had an epidural that only half worked and I felt contractions, but not the ring of fire. On my 3rd I went to a different hospital where the anesthesiologist were sent by god and he had the epi in and working within 2 contractions. My best birth ever!!! I will go there and get the epi again in 2 months when my daughter is born!! PS out of the 3 children I have, the only one with a learning disability is the natural birth. Otherwise they were all very healthy.
  • I had drugs. After being in labor for 2 1/2 weeks, I needed them.
  • I had "Twight" with my 1st. An emergency c-section with 2nd. so whatever they used to knock me out. And an epi with the 3rd planned c-section and tube tying. -- I recommend the knock out. without the emergency of course. After I was able to get up from the bed, I felt fine. (All babies are completely healthy)
  • Yes, & I sure needed it!
  • had C-section both times so had epidurals +5

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