• As for the worst thing, I don't share everything on the bag so you are not going to get that answer... but I will give you some fun. :) This is a frequent thing I used to say until I drove people to insanity: Why? ... But Why? ... Why is that? ... Why? ...
  • I remember when I was 7 I figured out a way to hack into my dad's business partner Jack's computer, I was trying to set it to that screensaver that I liked, I ened up erasing a whole 3 months worth of sales records.
  • i gave my baby sister a frozen chicken and a tub of butter into her cot when she was crying lol my mum was asleep and did not hear her crying i thought she was hungry, i also thought i was helping i was 4 years old
  • I "tapped" my sister in the head with a hammer. I was 5 and she was 4. Man,did I get a heck of a spanking for that one. I still remember it. It was a well deserved spanking though.
  • I threw up on my second grade teacher. I went up to her desk during a quiet period to tell her I didn't feel well and when I opened my mouth I threw up. She yelled out "if you didn't feel good why didn't you just go to the bathroom" and I answered "because then I would have gotten in trouble for leaving the classroom without asking".
  • When I was 7 and lived on a farm I took my dads truck for a drive out of the property and down the country road about 3 miles, when I got to the store my dad arrived and went crazy.
  • I made my little brother eat rolie polies, made him stick his hand to a drain pipe with drano in it (it was very hot), made him sniff the stuff they break open for athletes after losing consciousness. The list goes on. Im so ashamed.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      You should be. That drano thing could have sent him to the hospital or even disgfigured him for life.
  • smashing all my neighbor's tomatoes from her garden on the back of her house. I can't remember what she did but it must have really pissed me off, but then, she was always pissing me off. I was a mean kid.
  • running away from home.........many times
  • Me and my cousins used to go on a "ride" along a line of the metropolitan train (in Mexico City), all by ourselves... The oldest was around 10 or 11, and I was only 5. Our parents never found out, but we didn't even try to hide it from them, we thought it was not wrong...
  • I killed a frog by throwing it against a wall and ran over my sister (on purpose) whilst riding my bike.
  • i was if 5th grade, a girl kicked me right into da ''things'' for nothing.... i know it isn't me but...
  • me putting exlax in my teachers brownie in 8th grade..was so funny ,he never figured it out who did it.
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      Exlax is white. A brownie is brown. How come she didn't see it?
    • Linda Joy
      Exlax comes in pills and chocolate. And bigkado clearly said it was a HE.
  • I peed my pants b/c I afraid to interrupt the teacher in the middle of a spelling bee...pretty sad huh?
  • Climbing out of the womb thinking it's gotta get better than that! Been trying to get back in ever since.
  • Putting a knife up to my stomach at about age 6-7 and wondering if I could make my parents mad if I pushed it in and hurt myself. I was angry with them.
  • I stabbed my older brother in the hand with a pencil, gosh i still feel heaps bad about it
  • Throwing a water balloon into the face of a mother. We had "block wars" and I rang the doorbell on a house of a kid that ran into it after stealing most of our water balloons. I backed up, the mom opened the door and I let it go... soon there after I turned a whiter shade of gray and ran like the wind. What an idiot I was that day :P
  • I broke a prized vase of my mother's.
  • i dont really know if i should tell.... cuz its probably worse than stuff there...wich was mostly trew up or sister brother thing... this is different... i asked i answer....erm i broke into a house.... and.... hmmm... i started fire in a building...but the cops came in time for putting the fire out... it took about 20 minits though... not really proud of it but...yeh you learn from what you do...
  • I mixed coffee with kool-aid. I have a very vivid memory of that.
  • When I was about five, I got mad at my older cousin for teasing me about wearing a life vest when we were only wading in the shallow part of the lake. I marched over to her, tackled her, and dunked and held her head in the water for a few seconds. If anyone had seen me my parents would have killed me. When she came up out of the water she was horrified, and honestly so was I. I threatened her that if she told any one I wouldn't invite her to my birthday party, so I got away with the whole thing. We laugh about that now.
  • Coming home from school one day for lunch, and my little brother and sister were not in school yet so they were there. My mom made us some spaghettios for lunch and we had a food fight and there were speghettios all over the kitchen. I had to go back to school, so I thought I was skipping out of cleaning up the mess. When I got home the spaghettios were all dried up and stuck on every surface of the kitchen. She left them there so I could clean it up!
  • I sneaked into the boy's bathroom at school when no one was there.
  • I broke into my Dad's stash and smoked it. And I stole his Playboy. lol😈
  • I was actually a pretty good kid, but at 9, I shoplifted a piece of candy from a grocery store on a dare. For the next month, I barely slept, waiting for the police to show up at the door, though how I thought they'd know about my crime and who I was, given that store personnel had not caught me, I have no idea. I was so panicked and remorse-stricken that I never shoplifted again. When I was in high school and learned that some of my classmates (at a very posh boarding school, where most students were quite affluent) regularly shoplifted, I was shocked and stunned. I wasn't from a rich family, but after my candy-stealing experience, I would never, ever, have done anything similar.
  • Stealing cigarettes from my parents and smoking them. I ran away to keep myself safe from my stepfather but I don't think that was wrong. It still ended me up in juvenile detention (Ironically on the 4th of July 1976!)
  • Started smoking at 12. It ruined my health in later years.

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