• All investments are on the downslide at the moment. I have put mine into several places in hopes that I dont lose all of it. Some is in CD's, stocks, and IRA's. The stocks that I have been in are companies that are supporting the war. Not that I want to assist in the war but at least my investment is on the rise. After the first of the year its time to watch how things are going and may have to adjust again.
  • An annuity is tax deferred so rolling one over to another tax deferred investment won't gain you anything. Possibly you are asking if you should roll your money over into a safer investment. That is very difficult to determine with the markets as they are now. The only things that are safe won't pay you much interest or dividends but you may hang on to your principal. Wish I could help more but I'm unclear about the deferred investment tool.
  • It sounds like you have a Variable Annuity and you have been invested in the funds within the annuity that have been effected by the falling stock market. There will be a fixed account within your annuity and that would be a better option then rolling out of your current annuity, because you could be subject to surrender charges. You will also be charged commissions on a new annuity and you will be subject to new surrender charges. So stay where you are and go to more conservative investment options. It sound like you need a good financial advisor look on, they list the best in ten professions by city and state.

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