• i have no idea
  • Is that something like the tide pod challenge?
    • Linda Joy
      Not even close. But you know that.
  • Roll tide, roll....into a river.
  • Oooooo. Not THIS weekend! Sorry. Geaux Tigers. To be equitable, both being SEC fans, if we're out and you're in come January, then it's roll Tide...or any other SEC team.
    • Linda Joy
      We'll see! I really only pull for a few college teams, and I don't have tv right now so I don't watch many games. I moved south when I was a teen, didn't really know much about football till I married at 18 and he was a Dolphins fan so I became one. Here you have to choose between Alabama and Auburn. I made the argument everyone makes when they come here - I don't have to choose, but its true, if you stay here very long you have to choose. All anyone was talking about yesterday was the game and coming rain! hahaha I just hope everyone enjoys the game and the company they are with!
  • Sure, but you can have a huge WAR EAGLE!!! 11-22-19

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