• Too many to count and I have only been back two weeks.:)
  • Its happened to me 3 or 4 times and I dont like that they go down all my answers and questions and give me all minus points:(
  • Several one was as bold to tell me to get a real job. Like they know anything about me!!
  • Too many. I think they join up and tell each other which questions to go to. Then they all deduct points from a perfectly good question. *GRRRRRR*
  • A day here and there, but yesterday I got a few -5's...strange
  • it's weird it's been on crazy questions that i didn't think were the least bit offensive (or so i thought.). strange... i give you +4 to balance out the trolls. :)
  • This month? Hell, that's a daily occurance for me. There are a lot of folks who decide they don't like you because of certain views you may have...especially when they are about politics, LGBT or religion. I have stalker trolls....
  • Everyday. I just got hit with two -5s in two minutes. Oh well, I've been hit worse before and I'm still here. I guess the negs really don't affect me at all. Otherwise, I would have left Answerbag a long time ago.
  • I've noticed more than the usual, and for me it's always on a simple, innocent question or answer. It's so uncalled for and irrational, and like the trolls themselves, stupid.
  • I haven't been trolled per say but I have noticed over the last 2 weeks or so I have had an unusual amount of DRs as has everyone else. I am getting DRd on answers from Oct and things NOT contraversial. I notice that on days that there is NOT a lot of humor being used on here the DRs increase. If you have a lot of humor and joking on the front page, etc there are fewer DRs but don't anyone dare piss off anyone on days that everyone has their humor box turned off.. I guess school and college is out and winter is turning everyone into bigger children than usual
  • I think they could have a few times.
  • Oh, yeah! They're making sure they get their quota of love before the end of the year

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