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  • i usualy think its their loss, not mine...
  • "It's my loss, I'm bad and I'll never change!"
  • If I have a falling out with someone, it's usually both of our losses in some way.
  • if i'm in the wrong then i feel it's my loss, but if they are in the wrong it's their loss.
  • Sometime I think its my loss and sometimes I think that its their loss depends upon the situation.
  • Well , if I think about it and realize that I was in the wrong , then I know it is my loss , though otherwise I'm learning how to say : It's your loss -- Good question -- made me step back and think -- + up
  • i think it's both. but in order for ME to get past it, i have to indemnify myself by reasoning that it is their loss.
  • I always feel like it is my loss.
  • I don't think in those terms kdp. Relationships, like many others things, have a "shelf life" or "use by" date. When that time has come, then you break up or stop being friends or whatever. It's no one's loss really, because it was time to move on. That's just how I look at it! Happy Wednesday! :) ((hugs))
  • Their loss. I care very little.
  • I don't consider it a "loss" issue. I'll never admit it except now, but falling outs really upset me, whether it's my fault or theirs. If there's no hope for reconciliation, then yeah, I'll make myself feel better by calling them all the pricks under the Sun, but I don't really feel that way, a good friendship coming to an end makes me think of a whole lot more than this sorta thing. Because when you get to know someone and become close to them, you know it doesn't stop at who's loss it is, even if you figure you didn't really know them, after all. Or you know, maybe they didn't know you. :/ Thankfully though, people don't like me and so I don't have a lot of friends, so I don't have to deal with this shyte much. :D
  • It would depend entirely on what the relationship was between us. If they had some dependency on me I'd definitely say it was their loss. It depends on their attitude towards me also.
  • It has got to be their loss honey. With six feet of pure honey and finess....definately their loss.Did i mention my 36"24"36" bust-waist-hips,
  • Mine, I suppose. I don't tend to have falling outs with people, though. Not for long anyway, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I didn't speak to my ex boyfriend for months and months. But eventually I just let it go, and we're fine now. I'm not the type to hold grudges.
  • It depends on who it is. Some people, I'm grateful they're out of the picture and consider it my gain
  • mmmm I think of their loss and my loss. I'm not really sure I could do one without the other.
  • I tend to think it is their loss.
  • I know I say this a lot... but it is true. Depends on who we are talking about as in some cases, it is indeed my loss... But sometimes it is SO theirs. Like in the case of my sister in law. That was SO her loss its not funny! She has no clue! But in the case of my brother, her husband... It was mine Im afraid.
  • I always feel it's my loss because I value my relationships with people so highly. I notice the absence of the relationship. Unfortunately I have found it's not so easy to replace friends.
  • I couldn't presume it was their loss. And usually if I've fallen out with someone, chances are it was probably a passing acquaintance to begin with. And if the falling out was with someone long standing, then it must have been for a very valid reason. So not a loss, more like the r/ship had reached its expiry date anway. In short, neither.
  • As heartless as this might sound, I usually don't care.

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