• Inside I would be upset, but I would tell her that it's no problem, accident's happen, and that's why I have insurance. I would probably worry more that she may have been injured.
  • First I will make sure my friend is not injured in the process of wrecking my car. If injured I will arrange for immediate medical care. Then I will ask for his driving license details or get a xerox copy. Then I must approach the insurance company and request them to settle my claim as quickly as possible. There will be some financial loss and personal inconvenience but my friend is always more important.
  • Make sure the friend was taken care of..then go about getting another car..:)
  • Defintely make sure she is ok. But financially I would get her to pay the deductable and get it fixed. I love my car, but it can fixed so I wouldn't completely lose my head.
  • Heh...I wouldn't let anyone but a few choice drive my car for this reason. The most important thing is to make sure my friend is okay and no one is hurt. I love my car. I put A LOT of money into it... So naturally, I'd go buck nutty. I hate to say it...but I'm the type of person who would go nuts if there's even a scratch on it. ( as a result of working at auto body shop for few years)
  • make them pay for it
  • First give her an earful. Second make her pay for the damages. If the friendship goes out of the window so be it. My car is very very very dear to me.
  • I would hope she was OK and also hope she would do the right thing and pay for the damages!
  • My friend did that once but,in the process he injured himslelf.I was more concerned about him.Regarding damages done to the car,I claimed it back from the insurance.
  • it depends how they wrecked the car, If they damaged my car as I was running them over, I would probably forgive them, as long as they didn't damage the windshield
  • We'll I never had a FRIEND who wrecked mine. But I did have one who destroyed my new motor, by over RPM-ing it. After that day, I never let him drive another one of my cars or trucks.
  • He paid me what it was worth, we managed to put it behind us.
  • Be glad they were ok at least. I mean, fuck it, a car is just a car, you can buy a new one.
  • Make sure that they are ok, because thats whats most important to me. I know they will find a way to pay me back, even if they cant we will figure something out. As long as they are ok and they love me, im not mad, just worried about them!
  • I'd expect them to get it fixed and never loan my car out again.
  • ill say i guess thatss fate... itss finee ...
  • Ask him or her to help with the deductible! Heh!
  • I would worry about whether my friend was injured in the accident. Cars are just things. Friends are irreplaceable.

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