• I love heavy music too, Pantera being my fave :D For some people though its just not there thing and no matter how good the lyrics are or what there messages are like some people are just never going to like that kind of music and just see it as noise.
  • Autumn to ashes is really good you might like it check em' out...I dont know why they say it...but I do know some music where they vocalist scream...its like a diffrent language and lots of poeple can't understand but I can...
  • I like hardcore/Deathmetal myself. But alot of hardcore(not all) is either angry, bitter, and/or just plain bleak when it comes to the sound of the music as well as the lyrics. That turns alot of people off. I love the raw emotion that gets put into the music, but even I find it depressing at times.

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