• the buttons inside your brain,,,just push it with the back of your eyeball and go to your happy place.
  • A roll of electric tape works well for me
  • I know 2 people like that. One used to talk at me for 4 hours non-stop and I used to get a migrane every time. Then I got used to it until my cleaner heard her one day and said 'I don't know how you stand it. She talks like a machine gun going full blast for hours on end'. When she got off her own personal problems and on to others' I decided to call it a day and didn't open ny house to her any more. Just tell them you have a head ache and can you talk about 'it' another time. I personally think it is an indication of a psychological problem. Why don't they listen to others?
  • Give them their preferred foods or cookies to keep their mouth busy.
  • I actually knew a guy that was this way. The only way to stop him from talking my ear off was to get someone else involved in the conversation then walk off while they were talking. It would always work.
  • slowly kick you shoe off and reach down and pull off a sock. smile and ball the sock up and say one more word from you and I am shoving this in your mouth.
  • Duct tape works.
  • Duct tape works a treat.
  • Start reading scripture from the bible. They will not only stop talking, but if they are smart they will leave as well. Perfect.
  • I would listen and listen and listen !!! What else shall I do =D
  • I use vocal commands, seem to work pretty good to.
  • hi, rose, babieeeeeeeeeeeeee ... use duct tape ... works everytime ... LoLz ... ^_^
  • I'll mobilize myself from there!
  • Pretend your cell phone just vibrated, pick it up, and say "oh I'm sorry to interrupt, but I really need to take this!" Then proceed with a fake phone conversation and walk away.
  • Unless you want to be rude, you can't..what you can do is stop listening..let your mind wander..go inside yourself for awhile. Then at some point if you hear silence and the person questions your inattentiveness, you can say "sorry..I have an awful lot on my mind just now that I'm not able to share" and that might give a hint that you are not a good audience and get you off the hook! :)

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