• Probably would have been higher. Somehow I can't see an Indian woman pulling a glock out of her sari and hitting what she thinks she aimed at. No, the guns are best left with the cops and army, which by the way, if you ever visited India before, they're everywhere.
  • If that would have happebned in the USA the Quote Terrorist would have all been dead within 2 hours because we have guns.
  • Can you prove that? Most people don't manage to reach for their gun before they are shot down. It took the army, who surely have enough guns, about three days to sort out the terrorists. Do you think ordinary untrained citizens with handguns can outperform trained soldiers with automatic weapons?
  • MAYBE a few more terrorists would have been prevented from killing people if the population was armed. (I'm not convinced of this.) However, I suspect the casualties from "friendly fire" would have been a lot higher.
  • Yeah either that or they would have all been killing each other. It can work either way. Besides, I'd love to see what anybody with a gun can do against someone with a bomb
  • You've obviously never been to India.
  • Of course. The whole purpose of the First Amendment is self defense. First from one another, but also from our own gov't. In the few places where guns are mandatory, crime drops to near zero because the bad guys know that a bullet can come from virtually anywhere. The same would be true for terrorists.
  • The mind boggles to imagine this happening in a US city. The fatalities and number of injuries would be astronomical if people are as ready to start shooting as this question infers. Everybody with a gun would be assumed to be hostile. It would take the expressions collateral damage and friendly fire to unprecedented highs.
  • No Plentiful supply of guns didn't stop 9/11 and played no part in the follow up It's my considered opinion that guns have no place in civilized society.
  • I sure would want a gun in my possession if some lunatic barged in firing, If I'm gonna die I am going down fighting
  • "A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila." I think that the number of deaths caused by people walking around with guns would be much higher than any deaths due to terrorists.
  • Yes, I'm sure 9/11 would have been prevented if everyone in the WTC had a handgun.
  • Someone please mark this as nonsense. I posted it by mistake.
  • there has to be some control because there are to many retards who would shoot someone for almost anything, but i believe as a so called "free" nation we need to be able to have firearms. Look at what has happened to england, they cant have firearms and there crime is horrable.
  • No control has ever worked in India be it birth control nor arms control. Both are thriving.Hence it would be appropriate if our lousy establishment removed these so called controls and let the citizens fend for themselves against goons and terrorist.

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