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  • That's a bad sign, online sex slowly will distract him from you, he will be less interested in you phisically. Dating site means he's looking for possible future GF/mate. So It's now up to you.
  • When I was using them I spoke to a lot of men who were involved with women. It is harmless fun in their eyes. Me however, when I became involved with someone I didn't want to partake in anything like that except with my s/o. I'll talk about sex but I won't have online sex. Have you tried asking him why he did it? The reasons the guys I chatted to gave were that their partners were not interested in talking about or having sex, they wanted to experience new things, meet new ppl. I don't know if you don't trust him how you can not worry about him without snooping. You have every right to be worried. One relationship I know of has ended because she met someone on line and left her fiancee. She was caught using a key logger program which basically copies everything that is typed when key words are used - you can choose which ones. If you don't trust him this is an option. It does violate his privacy but it will put your mind at ease. You will need to have access on the computer though - have a look at the site and its legal. Parents use them to keep an eye on what their children are chatting about in chat rooms.
  • I recently had the same problem. I broke up with my boy friend of 4 years, i found he had joined over 15 different adult sex dating sites. he denies cheating on me but he obviously had the intention of doing it so i can't trust him anymore. if you don't trust him you should leave, before it gets too abusive. i hope you sort things out though. i loved my ex very much, he had cheated on me years ago and i gave him a second chance. but after hearing his lame excuses about why he had joined the dating sites, i couldn't take it anymore. some men are so manipulative they aren't worth knowing. Lara Leaf

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