• Old Yeller.. cried every time I say it. :(
  • The Dark Crystal
  • Th Sword in the Stone mc
  • I remember seeing The Sound of Music when I was 10 or so in our village's "Town Hall", population 300 ! Every Saturday night, all the town folk would gather for "cinema night". Thank you for the nice memory.
  • i thought the sound of music was wonderful as well. i tried out for the role of maria at a local theater when i was a child, but i didnt get the role (probably because i look asian, lol!) but since you brought up a musical, i will bring one up as well. ive always loved wizard of oz. judy garland singing over the rainbow is indelibly etched in my brain and heart. since its the holiday season, i would like to send you a holiday wish from judy garland (from the movie meet me in st. louis).
  • Annie!!! Just got it on DVD will see it soon. Loved Willy Wonka as well (but seen it lately as well)
  • Annie. I loved that movie. I would watch is every Sunday when we got home from church. I can still the recite whole movie from start to finish.
  • the great mouse detective.
  • Yes! "Annie"! It was the first play i went to as a child and was my favorite movie. I even got a perm put in my hair because i wanted to look like her. To this day, when i watch it I get the same excitement!! In fact im going to buy it when i get a chance and have some Annie time...also a good movie to watch this time of year with Xmas. Thanks for the reminder!!
  • The Music Man

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