• if you are breastfeeding , continue , but add cereal,vegetables to her diet : mashed potatoes mashed banana with oatmeal cereal (gerber box) apple sauce with rice cereal cook some carrots , zucchini, peas and add pinch of salt then blend .
  • Yogurt Is a great addition, also at 6 months If you have started solids Pasta ( whole wheat , Have you tested her for wheat allergies?)cooked soft and mashed is a great source of carbs As far as Indian foods I am not sure sorry. here is a link to a growth chart used by doctors It also depends on her birth weight to know if she is growing properly, My oldest is 80th percentile for height and 50 for weight( daddy is 6'5 and skinny) My youngest is only 5th percentile all around which is what she was atbirth ( I am 5'4 and petite) It depends on family history as well
  • Well as far as ideal weight is concerned it depends on the baby's heredity. Don't worry as long as your baby is active and healthy.
  • that actually a pretty good weight for a 6 mos old baby, depending on it's birth weight. what does your doctor say?
  • Pretty average, especially if the parents aren't large people. I'm not sure of Indian recipes for her but you could try a little bit of fruit and rice cereal.

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