• One word: discipline! When I was in school I transferred around a lot but I can tell you how to make "friends": expressing yourself through physical ability (help yourself by not being violent, I was and got expelled a few times) i.e. do a flip or roll or whistle out a tune or rhyme for no reason other than you know how and you can, and dress correctly for the moves you plan on making:), if you are wrong accept it with humility not denial (denial can scare people), and if all else fails Personality traits like voice control, story telling, jokes etc... and show how youve taught yourself to grow, especially to the girls; well if your a male anyways, yah know? and always eat right, remember always eat right, and don't do drugs they will only hinder your ability to grow, and if you don't know all the deffinitions for the word grow look them up in a really big book! ok 3 2 1 lets jam
  • Dont talk too much,dont be overly nice,dont be a mamas boy
  • Without being phony, pay someone a compliment every day. Be empathetic when someone tells you something you can relate to and then share your story. It kinda bonds people. Don't talk about anyone behind their back and don't be phony to anyone. You won't like everyone, but you don't have to be around everyone either.

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