• The same place as the idea of God came from, their heads. Whether it's one or many, it's an entirely human invention and feat of imagination.
  • Bwaaa haaaa...ROFLMAAO! How very presumptous and narrow-minded! Here's a long shot, perhaps, from the same place that you self-righteous ones got your idea for your 'simply god' or do you really think that you corner the market on the god thing?
  • Um... how about their religions? It's the same place people get ideas of other gods besides simply Gods, or simply Allah, or simply Ahura Mazda.
  • Try the Bible
  • humans are made up of three distinct elements: physical mental spiritual each of these has a distinct and separate function, each having it's own unique triggers, prompts, responses in making up a 'complete' human being. we have physical needs that the body is designed to prompt us to satisfy. we have mental (emotional) needs that the brain is designed with complex triggers and responses to meet. and we have a spirit that yearns to worship something. even the most primitive people worship SOMETHING. humans become unbalanced when they seek to satisfy only certain areas of their being while neglecting the needs of the other. all men worship something, whether it is a named deity or their own intellect, but there is something supreme in each person's life that they believe in. that is proof that God exists
  • probably the same place you got the idea that there is "simply God"; the culture they were raised in, the people they grew up around and in many cases, their parents. Some people convert to religions that are completely foreign to what they grew up exposed to , but those tend to be exceptions.
  • God is a latecomer. Men were worshipping a variety of gods before 'simply God' was even thought of.

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