• All PC based software is technically an application, even if it is game software. Within the software universe though, "application" usually means any software that does work for you or that makes your work easier. Sort of like a modern day version of the block-and-tackle or motorized winch. Not all software is PC based. PC is short for "personal computer" which could technically apply to all home computers, but generally refers only to personal computers that developed from the IBM PC line of computers and the operating systems that descended from the operating systems that made those IBM PC computers run. If you have a Macintosh you will not likely be able to use PC based software on it without some sort of "emulator" that can make the Macintosh believe it is a PC. I hope this clears it up. Respectfully, Baneblessed
    • Wenso
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  • Application software may run anywhere -- the cloud, mainframes, smart phones, etc. PC-based software is mostly called "desktop software" these days.

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