• It doesn't touch me because I feel good in what I wear. I would most likely think that they have no taste or no sense of fashion.
  • I tell them they are welcome to wear whatever they want.
  • Ok, this is a classic. A female acquaintance of mine was once critized for wearing a color lipstick that didn't match the pants she was wearing. WTF? Her reply was, 'well, the color of my eyes doesn't match the color of my asshole either and that's how I was made'! ROFL! What a classic! I bet the person doing the critizing thought twice about issuing thoughtless & unsolicited criticism twice after that!
  • It depends upon the person. I would probably take it into consideration if they were being helpful.
  • ask them what do they care what I am wearing as long as I like it thats what matters.
  • I just pretend i didn't listen to them i mean why bother to discuss something like that, as long as i like what i wear i'm fine.
  • I usually laugh and walk away while shaking my head that they think I need their approval.
  • I shrug and walk off.
  • Ask if they're volunteering to buy you a new wardrobe.
  • I take them off!
  • i would say, "jealous much?"
  • I have some friends, who I used to work with, that would tease me about being stuck in the 80's (referring to my clothes). It was actually pretty funny and it made me laugh. I'm a plain Jane, for sure and I HATE shopping, so I take really good care of my clothes, especially my business clothes. It finally occurred to me that my friends were right and my clothes were out-dated, so I forced myself to buy new clothes. *rolls eyes* Whatever.
  • I'll say, "Well, at least Helen Keller didn't dress me this morning!"
  • First; do I care what they think? Second; why should I care what they think? Third I don't care what they think. Sounds like no response required.
  • thx dont really care what you think :)
  • I tell them that's ok, you can feel/or say that because I didn't wear them for you. I wore them for me. Next time I want to know what you think, I'll ask you. ;)
  • I either tell them it's laundry day or I say(this time of year anyway), I wear it for function not fashion.
  • You don't need to repond to people that are in the habit of saying nothing but bad things, however if you think that the criticism is a valid point then thank them for it. You can always keep you cool, it is not as if those clothes will be permanently fixed on your skin for life.
  • On my face, they wouldn't dare because if they do from my elephantine memory I would rake up each and every fashion faux pas they have committed and remind them about it. My sharp tongue is my greatest shield. :~)
  • In my case they cannot say much because I live in jeans and T-shirts but I advise most of my women clients about their dressing and always make them dress better.Being a fashion designer in my previous avatar I love dressing others well!
  • Most likely I would just ignore them. What's wrong with wearing jeans and shirt anyway?
  • Usually with a smile, I don't see why people wanna take time out of their precious lives to comment on how bad my apparel is, and I certainly won't waste my breath defending it either.
  • At least I don't look like a homo with that Abercrombie and Fitch!
  • It's been so long since anyone had the unmitigated GALL to criticise me about my clothes, I probably would simply not respond at all. : )
  • People are always looking to criticize something. I guess it fulfills some inadequacy deep within them. Mostly, I just ignore people who are insulting: I can only please one person today. Today is not your day... nd tomorrow doesn't look good, either.
  • honestly it's funny that you would mention that because i got the STRANGEST remark from a feminist today O.o I think it's hilarious that the only people who criticize my sense of style are all feminist -apparently the fact that I wear DRESSES most of the time is a complete insult to them. Not for nothing but women got the right to wear pants WAY before they were ever really considered to be equal -I mean WTF? o.O She literally said this "as long as you suppress yourself with those clothes people will treat you as someone who DESERVES to be OPPRESSED!!!" I have NEVER felt like I have been oppressed, For the most part, I have always received respect from the opposite sex because I DEMANDED IT I am not weak (I'm quite athletic) I am not an object of sex (because I don't dress like one -I'm very conservative- It's just a preference -I'd rather not have crap fly out when I jump up and down <.<) I am independent and self sufficient (because I know how to live for myself and I've never once had the intent of relying on another person/another man for anything other than companionship. I take pride in the fact that in my style I include a lot of originality as well as including my own sense of modesty. but I just think it's funny when someone tells me that that in itself would suppress me more than forcing myself to conform to an image that so many other woman have just cus I think I'll get a lil more respect. isn't Feminism suppose to empower us? Instead of trying to look more like a man, I think we should deviate from the phallic standard and celebrate the fact that we ARE different. THAT is what TRUE feminism is really all about "accepting the differences and learning to cope with them in for an egalitarian society." a BETTER society.

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