• They irritate the hell out of me :) The people that think they're so intelligent, and better than the 'average' people. Oh I notice more than a few.
  • I have not that many but there are one or two.
  • cant say ive come across too many, mainly the religious ones but i keep away from them :)
  • i hate it when you people talk about me behind my back!!
  • Don't take it personally there are people like that everywhere ! I just get on with it!
  • Haven't seen any with superior attitude (hoping I'm not one of them as I know I am NO better than anyone!) but I do get tired of the ones that give rude, hateful, nasty answers to your questions.
  • I had reported one user to the staff several times, the other one I just ignored. The user that I had reported is not here anymore, while the other one is no longer that active. And I lived happily ever after :)
  • My ex. was like that. I guess I'm lucky haven't ran into any here.
  • I notice people like that in all walks of life, not just only on AB. AB being a small representation of society in general, certainly will produce its share of people that fit that description. I'm all for people having a healthy self-image and that they consider themselves intelligent, but generally I also like humbleness and dislike bragging. I might also add that we can't all be exempted from acting that way at least once in a while, even if we personally don't seem to notice it.
  • The only ones I've noticed (and I honestly don't remember who they are) are those who believe it's their job to correct know..the spelling police, the grammar police, the proper syntax police..also, those who believe that their belief is superior to yours and they will find joy and salvation and you will be sent to he**...most people aren't that the ones who are certainly stick out like the proverbial "sore thumb"! :)
  • Irritated. Like the ones that leave comments on your answer tearing it down and saying that it is completely wrong. What's the point? Leave your own answer and stay out of my opinion. Lol.
  • I haven't really noticed any. I have noticed that there are people who DR others whenever the word 'God' or 'faith' is mentioned. I respect everyone regardless if they believe or not, why can't people just live and let live. Sounds insecure to me.
  • it's just SUPERIOR attitude. I am guilty of being a bit of a "know it all" sometimes and hope that I am forgiven.
  • I feel like they are lonely and sad behind all that bluster. I haven't noticed anyone here with a superior attitude, at least not yet. I'll keep my eyes peeled.
  • There are people like that in all of life I just do my best to stay away from them and/or take them with a grain of salt!
  • if there are any - im fully aware who they are haha! just let them be, theyre enjoying themselves......its the internet, they can be whoever they want to ha!

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