• That would depend on why I thought there could never be a future. If I had some form of hope I would be delighted. If I thought their actions were futile I would be mortified.
  • I would only be worried about finding a surgeon to repair his broken back;)
  • I'd be delighted
  • This actually happened to me about 5yrs ago I had't seen him in about 6months...I was overwhelmed by his grand really don't have time to react but I was very delighted (Maybe it didn't hurt either that I recently broken up with my bf the night before so i was feeling a littel down) I really invisioned that maybe it might really work this time but of course it didn't three months later we were back in the same boat again. He moved away, got married and I got married...but I do still think about him from time to time.
  • I'd be furious. It would REALLY help me get over him, although I might be so embarrassed that I ended up changing jobs or towns. If there is no future in it, no matter what, and you've gone through all the pain once, then unless he has decided to change or do what needs doing to save the relationship, unless this is part of one HUGE apology, then the whole thing would show him up as weak and in denial and having no respect for me saying it was over (no respect for me, period). I think I'd knee him in the goolies before he could lift me up.
  • Embarrassed. If we had broken up because "there could never be a future", then the whole thing would be pointless. Unless something had changed in the interim to remove whatever the obstacle had been, it would not be welcome from my point of view. What happens after the romantic action? Happy Saturday! :) ((hugs))
  • I would be happy knowing that I have just found a love of my life! DELIGHTED!
  • That could never happen to me, too much security for anyone to walk right in. If I still cared for the guy I guess I wold be delighted.
  • I'd be scared sh*tless! I can't imagine a woman picking me up and carrying me away! Unless it was Chyna. Then she could do whatever she wanted. Like I could stop her... :)
  • I'd probably be FIRED
  • LMBO!!!!!!! The lady would have to be one LARGE lady with LOTS of mnuscles AND wearing a very strong leather weight belt to pick me up!!!!! With that disclosed, I think I would be embarrassed. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Some personal observations and opinions. "THE University of Hard Knocks" Also known as ("a/k/a") "life's valuable lessons".
  • Well he would have to badge himself into three locked doors & get passed security ! So if he got through all that and actually made it to me I might think he was a stalker hahahaha. If the reason we could not have any type of future together had changed, and I truly loved him I would be delighted !
  • If he showed up and did that??? OH MY GOD! Delighted? Is that the best word you could find? lol In fact, I've got his phone number if someone would like to call him and suggest this to him? I would really appreciate it.
  • Not sure..I guess it depends..if I wanted or needed to get away from him and he showed up at my job like that?? One word: PSYCHO Get a restraining order!!!!! LMBAO I'd be embarrassed, because let's face it, depending on where you work people are gonna talk about you like a dog! Well, they are gonna talk regardless.. lol
  • I'd be totally embarrassed..
  • Well I work at home alone with the doors locked so I am guessing it was a breaking and entering and I would be very mad about that.
  • "thanks for the lift ... gotta get back to work now." being carried out the door like in the movies is great and all, but if that was the only action, i'm pretty sure i'd still have to find out as to whether we had a future, of if things were still the same.
  • If I was a woman, I'd be ecstatic!
  • I'd be delighted. Maybe even try to work things out after I get off of work.
  • i would be ecstatic! i really wish he would!!!
  • I'd be pissed. I'd have to work daily with the people that saw that. And it would be highly unprofessional. If he knew so little of me as to do that, after we broke up, then I'd figure he was doing it for revenge or to humiliate me. I'd probably introduce my fist to his jaw.
  • ..i think that all depends upon what 'there could never be a future' means .. and my perception of that i think .. hopefully i would be very pleased to see him ..:O) ..and bugger embarrasment, i think that would just about make my day, i think all us girls would agree on that :O)

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