• Well, if you have never been to traffic school then you should be eligible for traffic school. If not, then you will just have a huge ticket to pay. But, you will not go to jail.
  • Oh come on - you don't really want to know! you are just boasting! *L*
  • This was double-posted. I answered at . A conviction for driving over 100 mph carries a fine of up to $500 (plus penalties of about 2 times that amount) and a license suspension of 30 days. Time for an attorney to fight for you.
  • If you didn't go straight to jail, then you won't. You'll probably have to pay a fine, most likely charge will be reckless driving, depends on your state how many points you get. I'd plead for mercy, cause if you don't you are going to get slammed.
  • In my state, you would have received a state citation for reckless driving. This means you must appear in criminal court to answer the charge, after being fingerprinted. Anyone speeding 105 mph is a reckless driver. In my state, a guilty plea, will cost you approx. $1,500.00, two points on your drivers license and your auto insurance rates will at least double.
  • That depends on what your state law is and the judge . Usually; You'd get a fine of $175.00 PLUS Court Cost of $50 to $75 .... for the 1st offense ... You will probably get 1 point on your license ... NO; You will not get jail time unless you assulted the officer giving you the ticket or drugs etc were found in your vehicle.... NOW: IF you are under 21 ; you COULD lose the license for up to like 90 days ...
  • I wouldnt worry about jail, but it is a very serious traffic infraction. Many courts reduce the charge with a guilty plea ( a plea bargain). You could lose ur license. What I would do is go to speak to the court clerk in person. Be very polite and ask what is the best way to go about ur prob. Also ask what is the normal punishment for this ticket. See if they plea bargain at that court. Good luck and slow down. Oh you may want to hire a lawyer for this ticket, but maybe not.
  • Court costs are about $175. The ticket will most likely be for Reckless Operation which will get you a hefty fine depending on the judge's mood. 4 points on your license and a nice boost to your insurance rates for good measure. Was it worth it?
  • anything can happen

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