• More important than to some eople, for example, I don't have an ATM card, because I like to go into the bank and deal with the ladies there. The uman touch factor means alo to me, perhaps I'm old fashioned.
  • Very important JJ!!!
  • very important i love it when a friend rubs my shoulder or touches my hand or gives a hug. just a non-sexual healing touch is so consoling, even when everything's going great!
  • Very important!!
  • Simple things like hugs or kisses let me know I am loved and appreciated and wanted. Or simply holding me a little closer. Thats how i show my love for others. Or show how I feel... but words seem to be just as important. Saying "i love you" or "I missed you"... so really for me its a tie between human touch or simply words. I really need both to be honest.
  • depends on the person, It's not as important for my family to hug me as it is for my best friend. His hugging me is his way of saying "I am so glad you are ok and I care about you and am glad to see you". So, for me it depends on the person who is doing it
  • after a long time being lonely and hesitant to go out at all you learn to think that it isnt important and that you dont need it. recently by pure luck i have met people who have given me hope and showed me again that good times with friends are better than anything else in this world.
  • Comforting. My girlfriend is always there for me, especially when my buddy was killed.
  • So much so I bought a back scratcher so I dont have to beg
  • Its so important that I can't live without it!
  • Very important......I don't want to shake your hand BUT I will always be happy to give you a hug!!! My job hugging is a thing we do....this one lady gave me a hug and she hugged my like only a mother can! It was great and I really needed it!
  • It's very important to me and I love caressing my wife and hugging our niece. Sometimes when I see someone that I really like on TV I make a hugging gesture toward their image on the screen.
  • I could'nt live without it.
  • A baby will develop a "failure to thrive" without it, that's pretty important.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, it's an 88.
  • I think it is like a shot of energy for us as humans, we need to touch other people to keep our battery charged.
  • Its so important that I haven't allowed a woman to touch me for years. It just kind of ended up that way.
  • VERY important. We, or should I speak only for myself. I have always been a "hugger", I am by not means feminine in nature. But I have also enjoyed and needed the human touch. I just love people, love to get a cup of coffee and sit and watch people. I'm just a people person. So with that being said ~ here's a bug Friday hug for you.
  • How can i know the language of sites before i open the link???? it's a data mining question i want a small answers. thx 2 all
  • very since noone ever touches me, sometimes ive wondered if i need a pet
    • Joreta Cherry
      no one

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