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  • ahhhh..lock you in your room...a 24 year old in general is going to want sex darling...and although you may think your old enough, your parents will no better..if you have already had sex or they catch you they will probablly have him arested...if I knew a 24 year ld was having sex with my daughter when she was 15..he would of goten SOOOOOOO locked up
  • Ask them. Let us know what you learned.
  • Get that sicko arrested for rape
  • If the legal age of consent in your state is 16, which in most cases it is, they can press charges against your mate for statutory rape. You cannot fight these charges because you are considered a minor. Even if you turn 16 tomorrow, most states will only allow a 3-4 year buffer like say you are 16 and your sig. other is 20.
  • if all you're doing is dating, then they can ground you, forbid you to see him...etc. But if they find out you are having sex with him, they can have him arrested. If they have proof, he will have to spend time in prison. He will be branded a child molester or predator for the rest of his life. When he gets out of prison, he will have to register and his name and address will be on a website where anyone can check. If the other prisoners find out what he's in for, they will make his life a living hell. So, is it worth it?
  • At the very least file a restraining order violation of wich could get them labled as a child preditor if you have had sex, throw them in jail. maybe just stachitory rape and since yer under 16 possibly some sort of sex ofender crime not sure on that 100% on another note, I know you may "love" them, but any 24 yer old that would date a 15 year old is rather pathetic. thier ios something rather wrong thier.
  • somebody will go to jail - somebody's life will be ruined FOREVER!!!
  • I think you just got the answers, whether you like them or not. This guy better really, really love you because he is putting his life on the line.
  • Yeah, he can be labelled a sex offender and end up on the National Sex Offender Registry FOR LIFE. If that's what you want, honey, keep on seeing him.
  • your parents will most likely ground you till you are 35. I know if my daughter was dating a man 10 years older I'd kick his ass up and down the street. Your parents arent going to approve of this relationship in any form. The guy can most likely be considered a sex offender because he knowingly is with a 15 year old. The age of consent in some states is 16. He can go to jail and your parents can press charges because you are under age. You really are playing with fire.
  • Depends on what your parents are like. Most would have your boyfriend arrested if they thought you had sex with him. If you were my daughter, I'd beat the asshole to a pulp and I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't survive the beating I gave him. On your end, I'd ground my daughter until she hit 18. You would go no where without me or your father until you were an adult. Boot camp wouldn't be as hard as what I'd put you through. Dating a person 9 years your senior shows you have very poor decision making skills and are easily manipulated. I wouldn't stand for that on my watch.
  • Trust me, you need to NOT be impressed that this guy likes you. Don't let flattery ruin your judgment. Instead, ask yourself, why does a 24 year old guy want to date a 15 year old girl? There are a lot more questions, but start with wondering why he can't seem to "get" a girl closer to his age? Is he immature, insecure, feels he can control a younger girl, feels a younger girl is easier, etc.? You know you don't feel great about this relationship...that's why you are hiding it. Go with your gut. Be honest with yourself!
  • i think that you are the one that will suffer most in the end ,you may think that this is real or that he loves you but i was in the same situation when i was 15,i was with the guy for 4 years, i was too young and did not have the smarts i needed to realize that i should have been with someone my own age and that he is basically committing statutory rape.You, like i said may very well have REAL feelings for him and he for you but he is old enough to know better, when you are much older and you have a daughter or niece,or even just the life experience you need to know that this relationship is wrong you will understand fully the words i am telling you. I later found out my neighbor boy that had a crush on me followed the man i was "DATING" and he went to another girls house to pick her up after he dropped me off for curfew, and it wasn't the only time. you should talk to boys your own age i look back at it with so much regret i lost my childhood. I look back wishing someone who saw us together would've called the cps( child protective services).just watch yourself and maybe talk to your mom about it I'm sure it will make you feel like you can talk to her about more life situations, i am in my twenties now and i know how you will feel in the end and you will thank your mom one day for being there and let me tell you from one to another,you obviously worry about what you parents will do if they know,so i just want to say they are only hard on you at times because they don't want you to make regretful decisions like they and their brothers ,sisters or friends did. they have been through it ALL they were a teen like us they had to go to school like us and they made bad decisions like us so they just don't want to see you go through the hard times.
  • Considering that he's sexually assaulting/raping you, send him straight to fucking jail where he belongs. I know you think you're an adult, but you're not. You're still a child, and he is molesting you. I hope he dies sometime in the near future.
  • Sweetie, you are being taken advantage of. This guy is a sicko for being involved with you. When you are 24 you will realize what a 15 yr old is to him. A child. You are still a child and he knows it. Why is he dating a child? 1. he is a loser 2. he can't get anyone decent his own age 3. he enjoys molesting girls 4. he feels he can control the relationship 5. HE IS A LOSER!!! Don't let this a$$hole steal your youth. You will not get it back.
  • ask yourself why a 24 yr old wants to date a 15 yr old your parents could have him arrested if the two of you are having sex, and then he would be listed as a sex offender for the rest of his life, if convicted. reconsider your choice of a boyfriend. peace
  • a lot of people are asking YOU if it is worth it !!!!WELL THIS is something this "ADULT MAN" should be asking HIMSELF if he doesn't want to go to prison or "branded" A child sex offender ,killed by other inmates !!! SO LETS NOT ASK THE CHILDREN IF ITS WORTH IT!!!!!! LETS LET THE ADULT WHO IS HURTING A CHILD TO DO THE ASKING AND ANSWERING!!!!!
  • Have him sent to jail?
  • Your parents could get him arrested for being with an underage person. It is illegal.
  • They could have them arrested.
  • okay well here in west virginia they can do something about that sence your 15 but if you were 16 the cops would laugh in your parents face and tell them not to call this number anymore because she is old enough to make her own dissions .. b/c my mom &+ dad tried doing that &+ im seeing a 22 year old &+ they laughed in there faces cause im 17 but i have been seeing him sence i was 16 .. thye cant do nothing about it .. unless he rapes u or something
  • When someone says dating why does everyone's mind immediately jump to sex? Most people are under the preconception that if they are dating they are having sex. Who's to say they aren't just talking and waiting until she is older? If that is the case, likely nothing will happen. As long as he hasn't touched you in any sexual way, in some states that includes kissing. But if you two are sexually active and you are younger than your states/countries age of sexual consent then he can be put in jail if your parents decide to report him. If you aren't sexually active with him they can ground you and forbid you to see him. If they have reason to believe you have been sexually active they can call the cops and it could likely ruin his life. Dating a younger girl can be difficult for many reasons. Especially if you think through everything that can happen.
  • Kick your ass and his, I hope.
  • put him in jail and you on house lockdown
  • love is love if you were 16 it's be a whole different ball game...but why should one year matter fuck age it's a number <3
  • ground your sorry ass till next year young lady!--yes its your DAD speaking! now get downstairs now , you and i need to talk!
  • If you're looking for sympathy for him you won't find it here and if you do they won't get any from anyone else.. What can they do? Have him locked up as they should. If you were MY daughter and I found out he would be lucky to ever see 25 and to be perfectly honest, I wouldn't care if I went to prison for it. I've been in jail enough I know how to handle myself. If your dad is ANY kind of a dad (most aren't) he would beat the guy till his eyes bleed profusely and then some and THEN send him off to the hoosegow where he belongs. YOU have the rest of your life to date older guys. He had his chance to date girls his own age. Now take your chance with guys your own age. Don't make your parents sad you were born.
  • Get the 24 year old arrested and sent to jail. Where he will get the opportunity for even more sex. The dude is a pedo.
  • Have him arrested and registered as a sex offender. (yes really. "Statutory rape". You need to be at least 17, or even 18 to be ok.

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