• This would depend on the yeild of the nuke. They come in different shapes and sizes.
  • lol never even considered this before but the nuke would win the shock wave would stop the winds circular motion making a vacuum around the area before sucking it back in. And it doesn't matter what size nuke it was the blast area is much larger than any tornado and the largest bombs would destroy hundreds of tornados or thousands if they are packed together
  • No question, the tornado is easily out for the count.
  • tornados are created by weather driven by temperature differentials of MAYBE 10s of degrees. nukes create differentials of maybe 10s of THOUSANDS of degrees. the nuklear blast would not even notice the tornado... I guess with a 2 mile radius (assumption since F5 can have more than a mile radius) the nuke might notice, it might cause teh mushroom clout to twist a little. however I wonder if a nuke would influence a hurricane... if anything it would probably strengthen it.
  • The Nuke would win but would it matter as the nuke would do more damage and kill more and the damage would be more permanent a Tornado last for a matter of minutes and the damage could be cleared up in weeks or months at most the nuke might take a matter of seconds to explode but the damage would take decades if not centuries for every thing to recover
  • "I think it might be possible to stop a tornado if a nuclear bomb was droped in the center... the resulting shockwave would be strong enought to dissipate the vortex... Anyone got any other idea how to stop a tornado? or comment on mine?" "A nuclear bomb wouldn't be a good idea for a lot of reasons; radioactivity, cost, delivery mechanism, public objection, etc... A sound device on the other hand would work wonders. Blast the sucker's formation with noise to disrupt the flow of air. Its like moving your hand back and forth under the water when you take a bath to disrupt the spiral action of the drain." "If you dropped a nuclear bomb into a storm that violent the radiation would spread even more so than just a normal detonation. I don't really think there is a way you can stop a tornado. And if there were it would be quite an undertaking to find tornadoes and get on scene in time." "A nuke would do more damage than the tornado... do you have any idea the blast radius of a modern nuke???? Then there is fallout, and a host of other things.." "... yeah i know more about nuclear weapons then 99.9999% of all people... im just saying that a reasonable sized nuke say... 3-10 kilotons would be enough to disrupt the airflow of the tornado on the order of a F6. *** im not saying it would be practical but it would be a way to stop a tornado*** and p.s. there are ways of cleaning up radiation left behind by a nuclear blast... but dont expect anyone in the gov't to confirm this... i just happen to know this for a fact..." "10 kt yield... Thermal radiation radius (3rd degree burns): 1.8 km Air blast radius (widespread destruction: 1.6 km. Air blast radius (near-total fatalities): 600 m Ionizing radiation radius (500 rem): 1.3 km Not good... unless you are trying to solve overpopulation. Yep, there's way to clean radioactive fallout... which in this case would mean you would have to take away surface dirt from area of hundreds square kilometers, or more propably thousands. Supercell itself is already like huge "vacuum cleaner", rising current sucks air from near surface level causing itself nearly storm level wind, inside cloud that air rises to over ten km altitute where some of it spreads around in "anvil" of the cloud and other part of it descends down to surface near rising current causing again very strong wind blowing away from center of cloud so radioactive fallout would be "distributed" very effectively." "The vortex of a F6 would be well over 2km in diameter (The 1999 F5 was about 1.7km) so a 10 kiloton would be just right to stop the high speed winds of the vortex... ***Remember guys im thinking for a scientist point of view... stop an F6 any way possible, think of the experiment in the middle of nowhere so any idea could be tried...***" "A nuclear blast would spread the supercell out so another tornado (at least one that large...) would not form from it. The conditions for a tornado to form have to be just right... An explosion that size would disrupt it potential to form." Source and further information:

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