• AND GOD created this earth and skies ... AND God created the humans in the most beautiful form. The holy Quran. Due to lack of knowledge and we can think anything. When you have time just go through the English Translation of holy Quran; you believe it or NOT it doesn't make any difference. Have a nice day. RK
  • What's your theory that god made us human beings? Bwaaaa haaaa...ROFLMAO!
  • It's very easy. Humans wrote the bible. They inspired each other while writing it. God is in our imaginations. Without people, God cannot exist. Fact.
  • well bible was a story written by man, but some people take it as a creationismic fact and devote their lives to it. So basically humans came up with god so they could convince themselves or others that the world was created by an omnipresent being that doesn't have to follow the rules of physics.
  • I can't
  • We can't, the question itself is a fallicy. First God. Before the rebellion, before creation, before Adam.
  • Because we've learned to examine our 'a priori' motivations and have drawn logical conclusions?! ;-)
  • Because we did! And, I tell you another thing, if we handn't, there would be a need to create him all over again
  • And the lord said "Thou shalt not ask such questions!"

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