• i would find it as a complement. Some people like things simple. :D
  • Complement.
  • Complement. Simple is not always a complement but it all depends on how it is worded, this time it was worded good. :o) I'de rather be simple than high maintenance any day.
  • Sounds like a complement to me. There is certainly nothing wrong with keeping things simple. The more complex someone gets the more bs in life you have to deal with. So being beautiful and simple is a good thing. It basically means that her simplicity is one of the many things that makes her beautiful. However, I guess it depends on the delivery and tone of the person speaking. If said in a sarcastic manner, sure I could see it being flippant.
  • Complement.
  • I would take it as a is the simple ways that make people personable...
  • I'd take it as a compliment but wonder if it wasn't a tad condescending.

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