• You tried to Mod your xbox didn't you? :-) That usually indicates a bad soldier job, i did it myself. check your instructions and try again. Also look at soldiering how-to sites to be sure you know what your doing.
  • another possible answer is that you have flashed the chip with the wrong bios eg a xecuter 2.6 chip in a ver 1.5 motherboard can be flashed with a 4983 bios but the same chip in a ver 1.6 must be flashed with the m8 bios otherwise you get the exact problem described . I have had many such chips sent to me for reflashing since the new crystal xbox's have come out . so be careful when you flash the chips goodluck
  • This can also be caused by a NVIDA chip being fried if you opened it up. if it has not been opened you can send it to microsoft to be fixed

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