• If your boyfriend isn;t dying you can visit during normal visiting hours. Get back to work. That's your priority.
  • Most people would not even take time off of work, but if you must go back then do that.
  • You shouldn't be missing work no matter what condition he is in. You can visit after work. This is your boyfriend, not your child--and even then unless it were very serious or your child was in pain you belong at work.
  • Work first, then boyfriends. Don't you take your work seriously?
  • If he's dying stay, if he'll be fine then someone is going to have to help him with the medical bills.
  • You're lucky you're not looking for a job. You have a responsibility to your employer and your fellow employees.
  • I am sure that he would want you to go to work ... and you should if he is recovering. He will understand and look forward to your after work visits.
  • Unless he is on Death's door, your presence (though it is nice that you are there for him) isn't neccessarily needed the whole time he is there. I'm sure he would appreciate you visiting after work because I doubt he would want you to lose your job because you wanted to be by his bedside.
  • Explain to him. If he truly loves you, he might not like it, but he will understand. If he's selfish and immature, he will get mad that you aren't staying with him instead of fulfilling your obligations at work. This is a good opportunity to discover more about him.
  • If your boyfriend is gravely ill and may even die Then by All Means Possible ask for some time off or a leave of absence Most employers are understanding of these things But if it is not life threatening Employers are not as forgiving as we would all like them to be And in this economy you don’t want to gamble with your livelihood

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