• Looks like it to me.
  • You bet'ya.
  • Sue them! Those supplies belong to you. Not your child. Not the school. You paid for them and should expect that they respect that and treat them correctly!
  • Yes, it is. Get him out and put him in a nice Christian school quickly! :O
  • Actually I disagree with this. I don't care what they may think they are teaching but what it boils down to is I send 4 dozens of pencils to school for my child and when she gets home and has homework, she will say I don't have a pencil. She had to take markers, color pencils, tissue, clorox wipes, 4 packs of paper and alot of other stuff and yes they take it and combine it all and give it to the kids that don't have anything. I think all teachers must be democrats. J/K seriously I think it is wrong. Why should I supply someone elses kids with school supplies.
  • No, the design of this is that public schools do not have the funding to provide proper supplies for all of the students, because parents want to complain about high taxes, so they must make do however they can. Honestly, if you want to fix it, suck it up and deal with higher taxes! Italy has a 51% tax, yet their schools are 72% higher rated than ours....go figure huh.
  • Hmm, actually, that's EXACTLY what it is. Good observation. If I were you I would contact the School Board. That teacher sounds like a commie. They might try to blow you off as if you're overreacting, but illustrate to them that although it may seem innocuous, subtle things like this do in fact promote socialistic principles. Academia is notorious for being infected with socialists.
  • fucking commies :P
  • Those socialists and their damned sharing.
  • it stinks of socialism alright
  • I guess it depends on the age of the children. I understand why teachers do this for very young children. It's because otherwise the supplies get lost before they are needed. It also allows the teacher to recollect them so little minds and hands don't get distracted by them later on.
  • Cheapo schools!

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