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  • Full of germans, EVERYWHERE!
  • you'll find out in 4 years if the big o gets elected
  • According to the zimmerman note, america would be ruled by Mexico.
  • Much like the Soviet Union during the cold war would be my guess.
  • This far out it would be hard to say for sure. Far different most likely.
  • Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Schnell!
  • Da es keine Weise gibt, zu wissen, welches unserer Vorfahren seinen mörderischen Zügel es überlebt haben würde, ist hart zu sagen aber, ich vermute, dass die deutsche Sprache würde gewesen sein das allgemeine toungue yo…
  • I suspect that the World would be reorganised in accordance with Nazi ideology. There probably would be no Jews or Gypsies lft by now.Much of Eastern Europe would have been ethnically cleansed of slavs, except for those being worked to death in labour camps and factories.No Eastern European country would exist.There probably would be millions of Germans in their palce and selective breeding and genetic engineering of people. Western Europe and the Americas would probably be run by pro-Nazi puppet governments and would contain no Jews or Gypsies.African Americans would probably be re-enslaved. Africa and much of Asia would still be ruled as European colonies and any objections would probably be met with genocide and the use of nuclear weapons.The inhabitants of these lands would probably be used as slave labour providing food and raw materials. Also, Japan would probably no longer exist. It os likely that after winning the war, that Hitler would have attacked them.As a racist,he would be very unlikely to share the world with people who he would have considered as part of an inferior race.
  • Then people who want Liberty and Freedom would be considered "Terrorists"..
  • It would be a world without Jews and Muslims. Very Organized and technologically advanced. Every other person would either be a scientist, engineer or a doctor. Most of all, we all wouldn't be in recession and unemployment rate would be nill.
  • That would not be a free Democracy for sure. Perhaps in some ways better in in others learning a New World Order would not be difficult for the young but older people would find the change impossible!
  • A question that should be asked on a different site than this one. The majority of people only have a faint knowledge of waht happened in the war, riddled with many myths and sensations, regardless of whether it would have been good or bad had the Germans won, it is still a history too complex to sum up with answers such as: only blonde people would be alive today" It is such rubbish, that it is better not to talk about this topic at all. The answers to this question will also be suscepetable to personal pro-german or anti-german sentiment. What is equally important is to add a time or date to the event of a German victory. the time of the german victory could have ifluenced the affects and results of that victory very greatly. Things would have been different. Every empire changed the course of history very significantly. This question can't be answered on a site like this, it is way too complex. it would be best to read as much as you can about Hitler’s plans, Mein Kampf, the quest for lebensraum in the east, General Plan Ost, German rule in Russia, etc. to get a clearer idea of what Hitler's war was all about. But even then it is impossible to say what it would have been like had he won the conflict. Like the future can only be prdicted, so the scenario of a victorious Germany can only be predicted and assumed and many scenarios are in fact possible. It might not even have been as terrifying as people think (of course, it has to be viewed in context with all the other empires that have come and gone in history). All empires have been mostly bad. The British Empire was forged through many centuries of brutal warfare and many ruthless atrocities, less well known than the Nazi atrocities of course, due to the fact that they are in control of international media. Any empire eventually collapses, and years later it is only a part of history and the world has since adapted to the changes that that empire had brought on. The same would have happened with the Third Reich. There would of course have been much conflict and also great achievements, some people would have adapted and others would have resisted. But there definitely would have been much conflict, just as there was after the German defeat (cold war, etc.) The world consists out of different powers in competition with one another and that is why there will probably always be war. The Nazis were defeated, but the times thereafter anyway witnessed continuous conflict anyways. It took many millions of lives to defeat the Nazis and to destroy the Nazi German state. Afterwards the Soviet Union simply gobbled up the nations that Germany sought to rule over, in fact the only nations freed from foreign rule in World War 2 (European theatre) were those that Hitler wasn't interested in anyway. The Decision to exterminate the Jews also only came into existence at the end of 1941, after the German assault on Moscow failed. Before that the Nazis had plans to deport the Jews out of Europe to Madagascar and certain regions of Russia. The great majority of military deaths also occurred after 1941. When looking at the war without proper knowledge of its chronology gives most people a 2d image and it is then easy to be terrified by the thought of a German victory. The media has also inflated certain stories, for example the story about the Germans wanting to kill all non-Arians, and such. Also Hitler would not have lived forever, and his successor might have been much more level-headed. Of course there were many proper and respectable Nazis, who did not agree with much of Hitler’s extreme convictions. Also the world back then was racist anyway and ruled over directly or indirectly by the white English race. Not exactly a Utopia. Eventually the Third Reich would have crumbled, and they would have been remembered for their pro’s and cons. The smallest events can change the course of history. Any form of an Empire can drastically influence the world. An empire is usually a very terifying thing, that causes a lot of harm , but is usually later looked upon y differently. For example the British Empire took many wars and many ruthless attrocities toforge, but today it is mostly remembered for its positive achievements. In the case of a succesful Third Reich it probably would have followed the same typical path until it collapsed. I do not believe it would have lasted for a 1000 years. It would have had it's admirable and dark sides. The war increased so greatly in misery after the Germans lost it, around the end of 1941, and afterwards the soviet union merely replaced germany as the great threat to British and American world supremacy, that a German victory in 1941 could have been much rosier for the world. For example, The plan to exterminate the Jews was only brought into existence at the end of 1941, when the assault on Moscow failed. Before that time the focus was to merely remove the Jews from Europe, by sending them way to Madagascar or other areas of the soviet Union. Thus a German victory could have been better for the world. Hitler would eventually have died and a more down to earth person could have taken over. However, these are all assumptions based on facts. It is impossible to accurately predict what it would have been like had they won. Thus a German victory in 1941 could been a more positive thing. They jews might have survived and the enormous loss of life involved with defeating Germany over the next few years would most likely not have occured. Also remember that the German defeat did not bring about an era of world peace, it brought about the cold war with all its little satellite conflicts. Who knows what greatness a Jewish state on Madagascar might have achieved? He he, No Gaza - trouble. But in all seriousness nothing can be said for sure. it is like trying to predict the future. anything was possible. The best is to read as much as possible about Hitler's plans, Mein Kampf, General Plan Ost, the book: German Rule in Russia 1941 - 1945 (i cant remember the author), and basically all the critical history books about the war. Hitler's plans for western europe were very simple. he did not ever intend to rule over anything but eastern europe and russia, and northern and southern europe was invaded by the Nazis purely because of the provocative British military presence that was deliberately established there by Churchill to force the war over the entire continent. In France Hitler planned to support the creation of a seperate burgundian state Elsass und Lothringen(Alsace and Lorraine would also be returned permanently to Germany Belgium would have been split up into separate french and german speaking states. Luxemburg would be permanently incorporated into the Third reich. Hitler also demanded the return of the former German colonies since before the war started. (Had Britain and France given them back these colonies, the German pouplation could have been appeased and no huge war might have erupted!) The plans for the east is to vast and compicated to discuss here. I have repeated many arguments over and over, so I should also repeat that anything could have happened. a German victory could have resulted in the darkest time this earth has ever seen, but to be completely narrow-minded, uninformed, biased and one-sided is simply stupid.
  • There was no way Hitler could have won any war. He was financially backed by the Rothschild family who also financed both the USA and UK to make billions of dollars from the war. The main reason for WWII was to reestablish Israel in their country. When the way for this was established the Rothschild's cut off Hitler's money supply thus causing the results of WWII. It was all about greed and land
  • we would be in a lot of trouble
  • Wir alle wurden in seiner ausfuhrung des Romischen Reiches leben. Wir wurden auch arisches Blut haben.
  • Not much different. Contrary to the claims of "wanting to rule the world", Hitler wanted nothing more than to restore Germany to the way it was before the Versailles Treaty destroyed it. It was the Zionist Mafia that first declared war on Germany (1933), then Britain declared war in 1939 followed by the United States in 1941. Hitler never wanted war and tried to avoid it - it was forced on him.
  • Well...there's way too many variables. But...let's try to view it with as much reason as possible (without going "way out there" with our imaginations). *** IF he had won The War, then that would require either the U.S. "giving up" (losing it's "political will" early on) or the U.S. never joining The War against Germany in the first place. Reasonably: there's no way that Germany could have conquered the U.S. They were just too worn out, too depleted of able-bodied soldiers, to bring any sort of challenge to the U.S. on U.S. soil. *** Without U.S. involvement in the European theater, we can imagine that Germany could have conquered the whole of Europe and North Africa, including Western USSR and the U.K. *** The U.S. would still be involved in the Pacific arena, so (presumably) the Pacific War would have still gone on pretty much the same as it did, except with less Soviet involvement. Explained: the U.S. could have engaged in war with Japan to the exclusion of Germany and Italy, which is not extremely far-fetched. The war with Japan would have been viewed as absolutely necessary after the attack on Pearl Harbor. We still would have invented "the bomb" with The Manhatten Project, and we still would have used it to end the war with Japan. *** SO: what happens in 1945, by which time (we imagine) Germany has control of the whole of Europe and North Africa and the U.S. has defeated Japan (and, as in history, Japan has restored conquered territory to conquered nations)? *** The U.S. might sign a non-aggression pact with Germany...but we would certainly be concerned about their historical lack of keeping such promises and their military technology, and so if we signed such an agreement, our military (spending, training, etc.) would remain on "high alert" for at least several decades. We would have "the bomb" as a deterrent (and Germany would still at least a decade - probably more - from duplicating it). *** We might even go so far as to threaten Germany with "the bomb", entering the war VERY late with that "trump card". If we did, Germany - like Japan - would have little choice but to surrender. *** The other possibility is that the Communist traitor in the Manhattan Project who gave the Soviets "the bomb" would have still done so, and thus (in a relatively short time, 1949 historically - which, relatively, is a VERY short time) Russia would have "the bomb" to use in their war against Germany. Like Japan - and assuming Hitler had lived that long - Germany would have to surrender to the terror weapon against which there was no defense (assuming Germany did not acquire some sort of air superiority, which IS possible in our scenario). IF Germany reattained air superiority, then Soviet bombers might not be able to reach the heart of Germany and the manufacturing centers there. It seems pretty unlikely, though, that Germany would attain such a fool-proof air superiority in such a short time. More realistically, the Soviets might lose as many as 95% of their bombers in a typical bombing operation...but still, some would "make it in" and "the bomb" would have its effect. *** SO: I'd expect that that Nazi German Empire would last less than ten years even if Germany had won The War. I'd expect that they would NOT have time to develop nuclear weapons (given how Nazi research facilities show they were VERY far from completing such research successfully). I would expect that they would not be able to maintain control of conquered territories, most especially Soviet territory, and that - in relatively few years - they would be soundly defeated and forced to surrender.

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