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  • Think about the future. All things pass, tomorrow will be better.
  • Remeber that i love you.
  • ask and answer questions on Answerbag and you will get hooked. If that doesn't work go here and you can feed starving people while playing the game:
  • Get psychological help, NOW. There is no need for suicide. The problems you face cannot be worse than death, they just seem that way. Persevere. There are people who need you and love you. Even if you feel that there aren't, THERE WILL BE... trust me.
  • Don't. It's that simple.
  • In my opinion people who post this kind of question are really looking for help, otherwise you wouldnt tell anyone you were going to do it.. speak to a counsellor or your doctor, you are obviously depressed about something.. killing yourself is not the answer.
  • If you are serious and you can't find a help line or a facility specializing in mental go to the ER for help. This is a sign of depression and you can not just will yourself out of it.
  • why you wanted to die?because you never feel happ, alone? unloved? since 7 i already wanted to die too, now im 30 and still alive. but still sometimes i ask God to take my life, but when i think of the suffering i may cause to my family if i die i change my mind. just think you are not alone, cheer it up!!!!!!!!!! but the best advice i can offer you, submit your life to God. think on how you can make your family happy, and forget about your own happiness.
  • surround your self with people who will keep you safe and if that fails take your self to the ER ASAP
  • Fed up?
  • 1 800-273-8255. Suicide prevention line open 24/7 If you have a therapist call your therapist. If you feel unable to cope call 9-1-1.
  • get some help

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