• You sure can. Alot of times after a night of partying (strictly alcohol), I will not remember something that happened until someone who was with me reminds me and only then do I get recollections of it. If it was not mentioned, I doubt I would have ever remembered. Not to say it happens ALL the time, but I guess it depends on what I drink and if it's on an empty stomach or not.
  • I haven't had it happen and I've been so drunk I couldn't walk. I think ppl just say this so the don't have to deal with 'last night'
  • I admit to being VERY drunk many times in my life. The older I get, the less I do it. In my case, I've never been THAT drunk. However, I do know a few people who have had so much to drink that they've blacked out and certainly seem not to be able to remember things. I don't know that if you're that drunk you can even function enough to have sex. But if you're able to have sex at all, I'd think you'd have some recollection. This is only my theory as I've never had it happend to me. My partner has forgotten some things, but never completely forgotten sex...even if the memory is really fuzzy about it.
  • It happens. I've totally blacked out about 4-6 hours of a night before. It doesn't happen to everyone, and it doesn't happen as much as people say, but it happens.
  • If you're that drunk, it's doubtful the big guy is rising to the occasion
  • Yes, it is called black out
  • Thats what people say but I have never been there!!
  • I would never be so stupid as to test the theory but in relation to males, i think if they are sober enough to actually have sex, they are sober enough to be responsible for their actions and to also remember them :)
  • only in long beach
  • Yeah, Jagermaster (spelling???) has done that to me!!!
  • sure can
  • I was accused of having sex with my boyfriends bestfriend. And I was blacked out for 3 to 4 hours. I cant tell you one thing except when i saw my boyfd s bestfriend at the bars closing, I felt relieved I knew I was going to find a ride back to the hotel where my boyfriend was, after that feeling past, I couldnt tell you one thing the rest of the night. The guy was black my boyfriend is prob 1/2 his size! I would have been sore and hurting the next day. There is no way in hell I had sex with him! I would have known if I had sex. That is my personal experience. I think it is a little different for guys and girls? girl - black out yes dont remember with guy sober, ya know!? I dont know but I have to learn my alcohol limit!
  • i have been doing alot of research on blackouts having one and waking up in some assholes bed the other night. yes it is very possible. yes it happens alot. you don't have to be falling all over the place when you have a blackout either. You can appear normal to other people and carry on conversations although you have no shortterm memory and are acting completely on impulse. Alot of it has to do with the speed you consume alcohol and not the amount you drink. I was drinking shots on an empty stomach and chugging vodka coolers... not a good idea.
  • Yup definatly!! I am not proud to admit it but I have done things when really drunk that I dont remember. And if its a girl, (I wouldnt say a guy) I think she could def have sex and not remember it, if she was really wasted
  • its b.shIt i dont think it's possible unless you are really dum and lack memory
  • Back i my really bad days, I used to drink and mix with pills... then I can honestly say I don't remember a thing. As for getting really drunk I always remembered parts.
  • Oh yeah. I once tried a friend's moonshine and got totally wasted. There was a group of people partying in my friends kitchen that night and I sat in an old wooden chair and leaned back. The chair completely collapsed and left me sitting in a pile of sticks. A lot of us spent the night and the following morning everybody was drinking coffee in the kitchen. I slept in a little and when I walked into the kitchen I noticed the collapsed chair. I said, "What happened here". The room exploded with laughter. They laughed so hard I had to wait about 5 minutes to learn that it was me who wrecked the chair.

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