• he wrote this letter to me Homosexuals are born with, or maybe they have developed, an attraction to traits that are more easily found in a same sex partner. I'm not one of those christians who believes it's a choice or whatever; i honestly think the tendencies are as real as my preference for blonde hair on my girlfriend. I'm just saying that if the genetic lottery happens to hand somebody a card that says they are attracted to traits only found in 9 year old boys, in the exact same manner that a homosexuals genentic card has dealt them the attraction to traits in the same sex, why do we celebrate the latter and condemn the former? I'm not saying to RAPE a kid, I'm simply playing the devils advocate to illustrate the view of many people out there who actually believe it would help society progress if the stigma was removed from sex all together, and that a child would develope a healthier mind if allowed to explore sex at any age. "What's the worst that could happen? They become gay?" (sarcasm) People who fight so hard for homosexuality to be the "norm" don't realize that there are smaller, less-known, groups out there fighting for the same rights as homosexuals, using the EXACT same reasoning as homosexuals. "I was born this way" or "It's about love not (fill in the blank). " People get so offended when you compare a homosexuals desires to the desires of a pedosexual (as they prefer to be called) because they claim a child doesn't know what is good for them, that they can't consent to sex. Well i say, who of us overweight, empty, lust-driven, pleasure-seekers DOES know what is good for us? We should have our right to consent stripped from us; since we abuse it to try isolating the most pleasurable side-effects of ANY situation. We can't feed ourselves properly anymore; we ignore nutritional value to exaggerate and magnify FLAVOR. We can't make a marriage last in this country; the standard is set by selfishness, and SEX is held on the highest pedestal. We can't be happy at a job or content with a healthy sex-life because we all think we were made to be rock stars who can eff any chick we want. And it's because we are trying to tear down any rule that impedes our pleasure that the specious morals of the future are setting in... "If it feels good, do it!" THAT is where homos and pedos are connected. Go read about NAMBLA on Wikipedia to learn more. That is where we are ALL connected; as sinners driven by selfish desires in an imperfect world.
  • Not really it is what it is, honestly i wouldnt want to be friends with someone who doesnt have an open mind.
  • Yes, accept his logic opposition to gay marriages!
  • Meh, I just wouldn't talk about it if you want to still be his friends. I have friends with different opinions on touchy subjects. Whenever that topic of conversation usually arises, we both just respect the others opinion and move on to another subject.
  • As long as he respects your right to an opinion and you his, there is no reason you cannot agree to avoid the subject and resume your friendship of other shared interests and ideas. We don't all have to agree on everything. Friendship doesn't mean having every last thing in common. That would be boring. Friendship does mean mutual respect and appreciation for the other's life stance.
  • The great thing about life is we all have opinions. Through these opinions of others we can either adopt an idea and enhance our own or we can ignore it as difference of opinion. If this is a good friend and this is only one subject that sets you apart then this is why the saying agree to disagree comes into play. If we desire our friends to think just like us then how are they friends and not just carbon copies of ourselves. It is a very good thing that we all have different views on as many issues as subjects in life. This is how we grow as humans. I would send this friend a letter and tell them that this subject your mind is set upon and you wish to not allow it to challenge your friendship. To agree to disagree.
  • Just agree to disagree....everyone is entitled to their opinion. Nothing to lose a friendship over.
  • Ignorance is a huge thing to overcome. People who are ignorant are as stuborn as mules and usually have no real reasons backing their beliefs aside from there personal standards. Take cat people and dog people. They love one and hate the other. Some for a good reason like Alergies. but then there are those who hate one or the other just because they only grew up with the opposite. Try convincing that person to get the opposite to what they already have. Not going to happen. In your case your best responce is no responce. Gay marriage is coming whether they want to admit it or not and in 100 years it will excepted world wide. Your friend is probably just scared of that.
  • That's a hard one, m'dear. That goes down to a very basic level of fairness, being judgmental and setting yourself up as some kind of God who decrees what is right and what is wrong..that is very arrogant I think. I could not overcome that. Having a friend who was a bigot would not be possible for me. Now, I have friends who are staunch Republicans and I am a staunch Democrat..that is another kettle of fish. :) Happy Thursday! :)
  • Don't talk about with him. I never try to convince my real friends of my view if they feel differently I just remember not to bring it up.
  • Don't talk about that. One thing that I was told when I was younger was to never talk about religion and government issues when with friends and family.
  • Just follow your heart. You need not explain your stand on this topic or any other. People in general see to think they have to explain. Just live your way and that is plenty.
  • I also beleive in gay marriage, why should the straight people have all the fun? It is ok that you don't agree aslong as he doesn't go around bashing anyone, hopefully one day he will see the light and become enlightened ;0)

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