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  • The burning sensation tell me it may be Cystitis, I would go to a Doctor to have it ruled out but I believe Cranberry juice (you drink it) is supposed to help :o)
  • If it just started you can take alka-seltzer and the sulfa in it will make it go away providing that it is an UTI. If for some reason it's an STD you will need antibiotics. You need to drink more water and stay away from anything that is carbonated. If it is a UTI and you have had it for awhile you will need an antibiotic.
  • the problem you may have is a problem called sistitus or thrush or even a urine infection the best way forward is to go and have a urine sample taken by your doctor who can tell you the answer to your question within miniuts as he has the means of testing your urine for any type of infection i hope you get better soon shughie

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