• Either move out, because it would drive me nuts, and has done... or sit down talk about it and suggest each putting in $5 or $10 to get a house cleaner in for a couple hours, the less the cleaner has to do the less pocket money, or parents money has to be put in to get it done... might put a value on it they didn't consider before other than the value of just being in a nice clean environment... some people just don't get it though! Best to find like minded people or live on your own sometimes.
  • Well id say jist keeo leading by example and ask once in a ehile. Sooner or later people may catch on and help out
  • I am living in this type of situation, for 7 years. Do not expect them to ever get the message. I have left their messes hoping they will pick it up themselves--no luck. I finally got a maid to come in every 2 weeks so the place looks decent for 2 days a month at least.

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