• I assume you are referring to the old Kodak colour disc film format, yet another consumer film format created and marketed by Kodak and then dumped a decade later. This was certainly not the first time that Kodak did this to consumers. There are a number of places that advertise on the internet that they can develop and print this film. Running "kodak disc film printing" through Google gives us, among other sites: - - - - Film for these cameras is no longer being manufactured. Any 'new' film that you may be able to locate will be several years past its expiration date. If the film has been stored in a refrigerator, it should be in acceptable condition. Disc film never gained widespread acceptance because of its poor image quality - the smaller the negative, the lower the print quality. A disc film negative was about 1/9 the size of a 35mm negative: 8x11 mm, compared to 24x36 mm for 35mm film.
  • Ebay services or check your local photography shop,

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