• Just made a claim against a driver coming the opposite direction who decided to make a left turn directly in front of me leaving me no choice but to plow into him. His insurance company covered the loss and admitted 100% liability.
  • I have car insurance, home Owners (fire) hazard insurance, life insurance, and personal property home warranty insurance. I have made claims on each one of them over the years.
  • Yes,my new bike was stolen
  • A semi hit me going 55 mph. I had a circle in the door where the lug nuts from his tire spun around on it. They paid for the body work.
  • I had a couple of modest auto claims in my youth. Nothing big. About 12 yeas ago we had a house fire that began in the garage (devouring my DeLorean) and working its way into the home. There was $125K in structural damage, but with cleanup and content replacement it was closer to $225K. The claim process with Illinois Farmers was fair and relatively easy. HOWEVER ... the claim on my DeLorean was much more tedious. Farmer's claimed that they didn't write "stated value" insurance. Except that is what I had purchased after paying to have the car appraised. I was offered only $13K, based upon some old ads for DeLoreans with three to four times the miles than on mine! After a long search I dug up the initial letter describing my Stated Value Coverage ... on their letterhead. They increased the proposed settlement to $18K, only $2K below the Stated coverage. I let it pass, considering the great handling of our homeowner's claim.
  • Yes, I was in an accident as a passenger in another car and my dad's auto insurance covered for me to seek chiropractic care for my injuries.
  • Yes, 3 years ago, my camera was stolen on a holiday in France.
  • Yes, car accidents :)
  • Auto insurance: Me, hit a deer. Husband, hit deer. Husband, rear-ended someone. Health insurance: Husband, hernia surgery. Husband, four shoulder surgeries. Me, blood clot in leg. Me, seperated collar bone. Me, Kidney stones. Me, right ankle, 3 times. House insurance: Never.
  • Once, in 2001 I had really bad hail storm damage to my house.
  • Naah, nothing hot. Just my kids in the pool, my kids at the sea, my kids in a merry-go-round, my kids..... etc.
  • The last claim was on a life insurance policy for my mother who just passed away. Before that, it was my ex-husband's car. It was totaled. A guy who was still a little tipsy from the night before hit the gas pedal instead of the brake at a stop sign and t-boned the car.
  • Storm damage to trees and fence. Also, for car fender benders.
  • A kitchen fire.
  • Car accident x 2 Car theft.
  • I've made a couple. One for the home when we had a small fire from a TV that caught fire and burned the rug. And we had personal things stolen from our van one night while visiting family.
  • Dozens of health insurance claims and at least 10 auto insurance claims.

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