• our laws don't cover that, but it wasn't illegal to hijack an airplane until someone actually did it :)
  • If you are in that sphere I am sure they will charge you, unless they consider you non-sentient - and then they will probably just shoot you like an animal. If there were a steady stream of such visitors here, I am sure the laws would be updated to cover them.
  • Hey haven't you watched all the alien invader type movies? We shoot first, ask questions later.
  • Not if the life form was Atheist, gay or black
  • The definition of murder specifies the perpetrator and the victim must be human. Technically when an animal kills a human it is not murder, just lunch I guess! But according to this definition abortion is murder! But in America murder of an innocent child who has never so much as cried much less committed any offence towards anyone is legal murder! God help us all!
  • Each state defines what murder is. Right now it only has to do with the killing of another person. Good luck changing any of that because we can't even agree on what a person is.
  • Yeah,I guess there is no actual law for that,but it should be murder!

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