• Well, it's the same as taking a shower for some people. They just HAVE to be clean. Others like their cars dirty, simply because it's an SUV and they want it looking that way. And other people, like showing off their car, probably because it's expensive and our has a nice paint job, so they wash it all the time. I'm sure there are other crazy reasons as well.
  • Many people just do it to make their car look attractive, and to show off the nice paint or the shiny rims, etc. However, there are many cleaning procedures which have a practical purpose as well. Example: Leaving the area around the wheel well dirty can cause rusting, which would weaken the metal and decrease the value of the car - therefore, it is important to keep the car rust-free by consistent cleaning.
  • I beleive a logical test should be applied in this instance, if you were to take a ferrari in glossy red then park it next to the neighbour who washes the car 2-3 times a week and then monitor the scenario to see if the frequency of washes increases or decreases. The results of the increases in washes is in the 12% range, however the decreases of washes is in the 88% range as the subject would no longer see his 4 wheel rubber transport vehice with a metal frme and shiny glossy veneer in any positive light anymore. I am starting to think that people who wash their cars to often are treating it like a pet. The vehichle is purely for transport, very rarely unless it is an open top is the person in the car actually observed so a car detracts from the person and becomes the identity of the person instead when on roads or parked on the driveway. This really is a sad situation, and opens up the many arguements that exist within materialism and branding over our true identities.
  • Cars need maintenance, they get dirty and the dirt can cause wear on the paint or chrome or fabrics. It also shows a certain respect you have for your things, if you keep them clean, like wearing clean clothes or your home. I don't think I've ever met someone who washes their car for the benefit of other people.
  • Eventually, the dirt on the windows builds up to the point where it's difficult to see out...;-D... I wash my old pickup truck once a year...whether it needs it or not!...;-D...
  • Why do you wash/clean anything?..Your clothes,your home, yourself? Same reason. You don't want to look like a slob, smell like slob and have people think you don't mind driving a pig sty or living in a pig sty or looking like an unwashed animal! Different strokes for different folks! Happy Sunday! :)
  • i don't know, why do you bathe
  • To have clean cars. But as for a "sole reason" and impressing other, I suspect this part of your question tells more about the questioners emotional issues than those of car owners. +5
  • Why do people wash anything? Why do they mow their lawns, wash their windows? Wash themselves? How many answers do you want? They like clean better than grubby...Even dirt bike riders I know clean up their bikes afterward. They want them to keep running.
  • You are not a "Car Person" I work in the auto industry and we see two types of people. Car people and non car people. The statement that "The vehicle is purely for thansportation" is a classic non car person statement. You will find statisticly these type of people will buy a cheap car, won't wash it, the inside is a mess, they normally don't perform maintainance (oil changes, brakes, tires ect.) untill it stops running. If you talk to a Car person a vehicle is much more than "transportation" It is freedon, the open road, a device that can take our lives, our friends anywhere. It is an escape, fun. Driving to a car person it way more than getting from point A to B. Car people DO treat their cars like pets. And yes, to a car person a vehilce is part of who we are. Is that so bad?
  • i clean my car because it gives me the satisfaction of driving a clean car. it's more fun to drive a clean (sometime seems like a brand new) car than driving a dirty one. second point would be to make it look attractive so others are jealous.
  • For the same reason I clean my room, I don't want it to be dirty.
  • First, I hate how disgusting a dirty car looks. Second, but most important, a lot of the gunk and grime that gets on your car (especially the stuff they spread on the streets in ice/snow) can eat through your paint.
  • Why do people leave their car unwashed?? It makes you look dirty. The only time it actually looks okay is if its a brand new car or a very expensive car. But if your car is old and dented and scratched up and beat up, the best you can do to make it look a little better is get it washed! BTW, girls like men with clean cars. Dirty is just like saying "if my car is this dirty, wait till you see my apartment"
  • In addition to just keeping it clean, depending on where you live it may be an issue of having things like salt not damaging your car. If you live near the ocean, or live where salt is applied to the streets in the winter, it is bad for your car to not wash it off.
  • Well if you can't see out your windows you might need to clean em. Road salt. Dirt. Dirt all over you when you load the trunk. And besides....who wants to look at a dirty car?

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