• Among many theories from a nucular bomb to the diamonds from resevior dogs, what is in the suitcase is not really known. Some claim it to be the soul of Marsellus Wallace, especially since the combination on the briefcase was 666 and some claimed that the bible says when the devil takes your soul he takes it from the back of your head and when we see Marsellus for the first time he has the band-aid on the back of his head. They also claim it is his sould because when the briefcase is opened people exclaim it is so beautiful when they see the glowing light of the contents within, so apparently a soul is beautiful..even the soul of a man like Marsellus. I tend to disagree with this theory, as entertaining as it is. I have read Tarantino said that there is no explanation to what is in the briefcase it was written into the script as aMcguffin, a plot device. Originally the plot was written with the briefcase full of diamonds but Tarantino decided the contents would never be see and each person could come to their own conclusions as to what was in the case. Apparently somoen put the orange bulb in the suitcase and people took the light for a supernatural thing.

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